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  1. Freestyler

    What are you eating/drinking?

    With a cup of chamomile tea
  2. Freestyler

    What are you eating/drinking?

    Will make an epic pasta bolognese
  3. Freestyler

    What are you listening to?

    Old school Metallica... Ride The Lightning
  4. Freestyler

    Games you got recently

    Picked up NHL 2K16 for dirt cheap.
  5. Freestyler

    Video Game Pet Peeves

    Fetch quests :/
  6. Freestyler

    (Seinfeld voice) What's the deal with Raspberry Pi?

    Oh really? I didn't realize it was so expensive :/ But kinda revolutionary, I feel like once you jump over the price hurdle, it will be worth it right? I did some research on Raspberry Pi these last few days and I've seen what you can use it for. There's a lot of uses! But video games are probably what I would do. Any of those on the list look good?
  7. I've been hearing so much about this lately, seems to be the talk of the gaming town. It's possible to create old school arcade games with the hardware? Looks pretty amazing. Is anyone using RP?
  8. Freestyler

    Nintendo Switch

    So how many non-Nintendo games will the Switch have? I'd love to buy one, but would probably only play Zelda and Mario Kart
  9. Freestyler

    Games That Haven't Aged Well

    Hmm maybe the first few GTA games? They look awful now.
  10. Freestyler

    Last Game You Played

    I've actually been replaying Halo Reach. Damn that game was awesome, my fav Halo game easily. Still holds up now.
  11. Freestyler

    Weirdest Characters in Games

    Hmm weirdest... i think DK and Bowser in Mario Kart are weird... i mean. Tiny cars and giant drivers, who picks them??
  12. Freestyler

    Games You've Finished Recently

    I juuuust finished Dishonoured 2... not crazily different from the first game, but enough improvements to make it fun. Definitely one of the most original FPS on the market.
  13. Freestyler

    Post what you're doing right now

    Should be working... but I feel like I've earned a little break
  14. Freestyler


    Are Steam games overpriced? I always balk at the amount of money asked for a digital download.
  15. Freestyler

    What are you listening to?

    Latest Mind's Eye album is solid. Great progressive rock.

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