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    Global warming

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    Is the Antarctic the key to weather control?

    This all reeks of conspiracy theory and pseudoscience. I am neither a climatologist nor a nuclear physicist but I can think of some serious problems with detonating enough nuclear weapons to create another ice age. I would assume it is possible to do, but I cannot even conceive of what the other consequences might be if we actually did it. I recommend reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and taking some environmental science courses to better understand the impacts that even small changes can have on the earth and its ecosystems.
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    So I'd prefer it if my first post weren't some form of criticism, but there's like 400+ comments on youtube and I doubt my paragraph is going to get seen so i'm posting it here. To preface this I want to say you should do what you want with your videos and my intention is not to tell you how to run your channel or what format is best for you. I have no idea how much work goes into your videos and all I can really draw on for my criticism is my experience as a viewer, who is entirely uninvolved in the creative process of making them. But I figured I'd give you my opinion on the format. I think it's hard to make these shorter without losing out on quality. These things are really all about attention to detail and full reviews of the games you cover. I understand this type of game review doesn't have a whole lot of broad appeal, but if I'm honest neither does this. This is the same style of review only shorter. If you want to shorten the reviews your style needs to be much more streamlined. You need to go on fewer tangents, explore fewer game quirks and flaws and leave out more superfluous details. At that point you could just make the video 5-10 minutes long and my desire to watch them would drop significantly. The reason why I watch this is because I feel like it's a kind of stream of consciousness game review to an excess. I mean this video is the same thing it just feels like it got cut off at 16 minutes. Like I was watching a full game dungeon review and stopped at 16 minutes to do something else. At this point I have no idea if I want to play this game, whether you like or dislike it or even whether or not this game is any different from a million other classic adventure games. I'll still watch these when you put them out, but this seems like a step in the wrong direction.

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