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  1. Do you want assistance with that or not? Because you haven't exactly given us the scenarios in which your ships are having control issues. We can't read your mind to see what the issue is. Maybe take a picture of the ship so we can see what you're trying to explain? Also using thrust vectoring 100% of the time in space is generally a bad idea since it wastes fuel and can mess up the orbit.
  2. So can you give us a run-through of the issues? Like these are some pretty specific problems we're looking at. If we're talking about flight, the reason that it might not be all that maneuverable can come down to a few things: Speed, which affects the amount of air moved by control surfaces Presence of control surfaces, or lack thereof Positioning of control surfaces behind the center of mass relative to the front of the plane (Putting CoL in front of the CoM tends to make it too unstable.) Thrust Vectoring engines, or non-thrust vectoring. (engine nozzle gimbals/turns/moves and makes thrust go to an angle) If something is too maneuverable (but still stable), press Caps lock once and it should go into fine control mode, which makes the WASDQE controls have significantly lower maximum input. As for maneuvering in space, use RCS (larger ships especially, or for docking) or reaction wheels (can get heavy). Although all of those are kinda void if you don't put a probe or command module on with crew. Or fuel. Or electricity for most of it. And if it's a probe with no crew, you probably need an antennae (or more importantly electricity), at least if you have the setting for requiring communications to control on.
  3. Like how Spintires is a tech demo, this is too. But really this is just a by-product of some weird copyright status and disagreements in the game studio that made Spintires. That's what I remember it being anyways, might be wrong. Interesting if you like driving trucks with logs in mud. (Hence the name.) Really more like a graphically updated Spintires, along with some minor gameplay tweaks. I don't exactly know how to feel about it considering it barely stayed relevant long enough before they announced a sequel to it. I give it a Love/Hate relationship.
  4. Is not being an asshat really a foreign concept now? And I'm not even sure of how to respond to Enviro-man saying "massa" like he's a slave because really, it's just someone telling him to calm down with the passive-aggressive hyperbolic "satire". (In quotes because satire is supposed to be funny.) And while that's an awful long phrase to describe it, it's pretty much how I'm viewing this. And I'm going to be honest I'm not entirely sure why the other guy left because I thought it was fairly obvious that Annie was saying that when companies try to appeal to other groups than 'gamers' they were referring to the company's perception of them, not necessarily of people who call themselves gamers as a hobbyist. The only point where it gets beyond a hobby is if it's literally the major source of income. Or takes up more than half the time someone is awake. Maybe both.
  5. I mean, some of the same people that worked on Jazztronauts worked on Tower Unite. That's probably why.
  6. Y'know it's kind of weird but Jazztronauts is a really good game. (I'm considering it its own game but it's a gamemode in Garry's Mod that was released fairly recently, almost exactly a year ago.) And it's even more weird that literally no one talks about it. I thought it was good, not particularly hard perhaps, but it was at least interesting. Maybe it's too niche?
  7. I feel like only the first 15 of that list might actually be bad journalists. Anyways every time I hear someone talk about "forced agendas" I just think about this tweet: "The best thing about these big companies doing 'woke' ads is that all it means is they crunched the numbers and determined that racists/MRAs/whatevers weren't a market worth keeping. They all bleat about boycotting but they've been weighed and measured and found useless." I mean yeah it's twitter, take it with a grain of salt, but I think it applies pretty well. Also I think suspecting Russia is behind everything is the wrong type of cynicism (although it's still a somewhat valid concern). Companies in America are more likely to fuck you over politically than Russians anyways. I feel that there's not really a big "left leaning feminist movement" forcing anything. Like they might talk about boycotting a game, but I don't think it really goes anywhere. In Battlefield V for example, they were trying to market to a group that I feel really wasn't all that interested in buying it. Star Wars Battlefront II (the new one) might have had more success, but considering the extra debacle with lootboxes, any chance they had to entice a casual gamer was probably immediately slapped into the ground. Also all media is just fucky. I avoid it if I can help it and use Politifacts or Snopes. And I avoid siding with politicians with a mile-long pole if I can help it, because none of them are that good. However I am keeping the borderline/actual racists, bigots, or proven assholes in general much further away, because really, being a complete dick is counter-productive to fixing an "issue". I don't really know if it's possible for any game to completely shed a "political agenda" unless it has absolutely no story at all. Movies have this "problem" too you know, except I don't really hear a whole lot about it. But that's because the markets for games and movies have vastly different consumers. So while I might believe that a fair percentage (maybe like, 10-15% average per game community, it really depends where you're looking) of gamers are racist/sexist, it's still not what I'd consider a majority. Although to be fair, bigots are much more vocal than those that aren't bigoted.
  8. Sounds like a Russian expression. I'm not sure why my brain leapt to Russian, but it did.
  9. This has to be troll bait at this point I think.
  10. If you really want to argue this perspective (or really, a political view), please move it to the General American Politics Thread. I'm not going to keep this going in this thread after this response.
  11. In your perspective, perhaps. But still, this isn't exactly the thread to be arguing this.
  12. Describing companies as a "complete takeover by aggressive, totalitarian left wing political activists." is pretty political if you ask me.
  13. It's not that this isn't something to talk about, it's more that this is the wrong thread for it, because a lot of what you're talking about is heavily influenced by your political views.
  14. Seriously can we just do this in the General American Politics?
  15. I mean... we could talk about this in the General American Politics thread, rather than on the game list. Because I think this falls more under that than what Ross has to do with it.
  16. Shame I didn't see Secret Weapons Over Normandy on the list. (Totally not an obligatory statement since I posted in obscure games on it.) Although I don't think he'd like it very much. Maybe flight arcade games aren't his thing, I don't know. Though I will admit the game can be a bit over-dramatic at times. I still liked it though. I thought it was kind of depressing. I mean the whole concept is kind of depressing. The music slaps though. But I don't know if it's Ross' style of music. Anyways it's just one of those games that takes a while to kick in. I think of it as a game that's better for people that don't quite understand what mental disorders can do. Or really a game for people who need coping.
  17. He's the only competent medic. Or really the only one I trust. Probably because he can't be killed so any stupidity his AI does isn't that big a deal to him.
  18. Not even close to rumours for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. I'm playing Shadows of Chernobyl and the AI is actually fairly competent. Most of the time. I don't know what F.E.A.R. levels of AI are (having never played it), but I'd say that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has a pretty good system. Although I've heard the grenade-wielding enemies in the later S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are ridiculous. The AI parts that made them ridiculously competent were dummied out as far as I've heard. But they slowly brought it back in later S.T.AL.K.E.R. games. It's hit or miss, really.
  19. I don't think I'm quite at that point of dedication to run it in a VM. It works for the most part as-is, and I can pretty much live with it, flaws and all. Mostly because I know nothing about VMs, and then there's the obvious issues of using a PS4 controller for it, and also whether or not it'd even accept the disc(s). But I might be wrong. But still, not quite to the point of figuring out VMs for it.
  20. Due to certain issues with being able to edit the main post, I will update it as follows: I have replayed it with a PS4 controller (Via Steam's controller system. Keep in mind, I'm on Windows 10 as well.) and the experience was far more enjoyable. However, I should note that you might need to rebind a few buttons. As well it should be noted that it doesn't specifically state which buttons are which when you rebind the buttons, so good luck figuring that somewhat cryptic part out whenever you come back to look at it. I had the blessing of remembering what some of the buttons were for the PS2, so I will list these so anyone else can get a bit more of an authentic PS2 experience. Although this is also being compared from a guide online, so take it with a grain of salt. (I mean you can use the Xbox controls if you want, but I have no idea what they are.) I think we know what a PS2 controller looks like but I want to just be extremely clear. (Transparent, even.) L2 = Target Track (Left lower bumper) L1 = Zoom (Left top bumper) R2 = Fire Secondary (Right lower bumper) R1 = Fire Primary (Right top bumper) Left Stick (L3) = Movement of plane. Right Stick (R3) = Up/Down is throttle. Left/Right does nothing. R3 Press = Rear View. There's no camera movement aside from this. Triangle = Camera/Bomb Sight Circle = Reflex Time. (Huh. Coulda sworn it was square.) X = Air Target Square = Ground Target Reflex Time (Can also be known as bullet time, or speedy time. Depends on if you tap or hold, respectively.) is your best friend. Use liberally. Note: Speeding up time will cause dialogue to stop playing. Recommendation: Keep subtitles on. Also unrelated, the screen resolution is capped at 1280x920. In fullscreen. Gotta love CD-ROM. Personal experiences with bugs (Unsure if result of use of Windows 10 or not. Previous experience (Windows 7) dictates it might just be like that for anything newer than Vista or XP.): -The ME-262 you pilot has no engine sound. Could just be me. Will update if I notice the issue with other ME-262s. -Crashes happen. Both into obstacles with a plane, and in terms of the program. Save between missions. (Be prepared for a restart or user log-out. When the program crashes, it crashes spectacularly.) -Unsure if it's an issue pertaining to the gamepad programming or not, but square is the accept button and triangle is the back button for menus. Also I have no idea how you access the menu with the PS4 controller, as it has no binding stating it. So be ready with Esc while playing. -Performance issues will happen, I almost guarantee it. Just be prepared for a bit of lag. (Especially in Fjords... good god.) -The Fjords are glitchy. Texture-wise. Physically they're fine. Most of the time. (Refer to crashes.) -Be sure to check your volume. The movies are ungodly loud.
  21. Just saying it's a bit pointless. The drama's pretty much over.
  22. I don't see how this is relevant to the thread now that it's y'know... over with that part.
  23. Okay, so what would you propose otherwise? We read better? We can't read something "better" which only can be interpreted safely in one way. Going beyond that would be assuming things, and would likely make the debate worse.
  24. What if you just explain your point a bit more plainly? Because I can't tell what you mean besides taking it at face value. If you're failing to explain what you mean cohesively enough for other people to understand and then blaming us for it, it's not our fault. In some cases it's a little hard to tell what exactly a person means. This is one of them. Because we don't hear what your thoughts are while you type something. You might think you're writing one thing and it comes out meaning something completely different. Edit: I should also mention that we haven't heard any other examples of annoying behavior by the LGBT community. Not including us, according to you. Because we're having a debate. It's bordering on being ad hominem. (If you can say that unintentionally misinterpreting something is being annoying.)
  25. You're getting upset about pride parades which typically only happen within the month of June. Hypocritical to say Annie is picking a strawman argument, when getting upset about LGBT+ pride isn't. I don't hear any annoyance about military parades. (Seriously we have a big enough military, it's not even a dick measuring contest anymore.) I'd say parades in general are annoying... but laying the blame specifically on LGBT pride is not the best reason to hate LGBT people. Also I'd say that LGBT people are far more vocal in general because they have issues with the way they typically get treated in society. Christians might have more of a majority in America, but that's because they're the status quo and have been socially accepted for hundreds of years. They essentially have jack shit to say that people haven't already heard. And most of it is inherently hypocritical when they criticize LGBT people and people who have abortions, when Jesus Christ went out of his way to hang out with "the degenerates of society". Sounds like a good band name.
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