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  1. I'm worried that this will basically destroy Ross's channel. I don't know if Game Dungeon would be affected, it seems unlikely, but who knows. Something tells me Freeman's Mind would be on the chopping block. Additionally, his videos talking about his concerns with the gaming industry would get taken down in a heartbeat. Those seem like the kind of criticism that companies want to stifle. I'm kind of worried.
  2. I need to get a this out of the way first. I absolutely hate copyright strikes and the frankly ludicrous way YouTube handles copyrights most of the time. There is no penalty for false claims, and the burden of proof lies with the victim, not the claimant. That doesn't even go into things like game creators, reviewers, and what is considered public domain. I will support Ross in any decision he makes involving copyrights and the protection of his channel, even if it means retaliatory copyright claims against other channels. If he feels he has to hit hard to protect himself, so be it. As far as the rest of this thread, I am apathetic towards other channels dubbing Ross's videos in anther language. However, I am not a content creator and probably never will be considering the direction YouTube is going right now. So I can't fully appreciate where he is coming from with the monetization thing. That being said, I can appreciate the fact that content is not easy to make, and income will allow him to make more and better content. It is perfectly reasonable to ask that people making money off the content he made should give something back. On top of that, he is being very generous with his terms. In the long term, this benefits everyone as it enables him to make more content, and that gives them more content to dub and get income from.
  3. Almost all of the games I mention are DOS Box, so if you are looking for really old games, I'm your man. These are some of my favorite games growing up. Some of these are Abandonware. Jetpack: 2D platformer with good level editor Surprisingly wide variety of levels. Each level is different and interesting. No music. Descent: 3D hovercraft/flight sim shooter Great LAN multiplayer game with satisfying combat, and wild, mad dashes to the exit after each level. Interesting and varied soundtrack, but different instrument sets can make or break each track (Midi?). Also, the difficulty adjustment is excellent. Easy is ridiculously easy, and Insane is basically impossible. Coaster: Build and ride your own roller coaster A fairly simple coaster builder where you can ride your coaster and get feedback from several characters. One Must Fall: Think Mortal Combat with robots Hazardous arena, fun music, and either tournament or single player gameplay. Albion: RPG with turn based combat, and 3D first person dungeons Story is okay, but the dungeons are interesting and engaging. Mild kleptomania. Raptor, Call of the Shadows: Top down arcade style airplane shooter Interesting area/backrounds (Including an awesome night level), and upgrading your ship between levels. Blade of Darkness (Not Dos box): 3rd person hack n slash game. Movement system is a little klunky, but the fight mechanics are pretty good. Story is standard "Ancient Evil" thing. Excellent and varied environments which can strongly influence fights.
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