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  1. I would die laughing if he tackled that!
  2. Ross, you've has been doing a few fantasy RPGs so I wonder what you would say about Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader. It's made by Black Isle and even used the SPECIAL system for stats. Except Intelligence is used for Mana and casting magic spells. It takes place in the Renaissance, and five centuries earlier, some shenanigans during the crusades caused magic and mythology to come out in the real world.
  3. Well, they're not "smart people pretending to be stupid" or 100% reactionaries. They're just people. And people come in all shapes and sizes. I haven't ever taken part in any board though. Just lurked. Well once I asked for a cartoon but I didn't stick around to see their replies.
  4. Hello, I see another fan of this game! I made it run on Windows 10. Have you tried running it in compatibility of Windows 95 and 16-bit colours? That's how I run it on my computer. As for gameplay, I'll help you quickly. You're supposed to bring up the evolution screen(It's called something like Evolution Status or Evolution Info), select a creature to evolve to, and allocate effort to evolving by dragging the slider so that there's more purple. And keep track of what temperature and biome every creature likes! Or they'll die.
  5. I hope for Gruntz, Evolution TGOIL and Startopia. Three games that are close to my heart.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm 27, and my username about sums me up as a person. I suffer depression and I am obsessed with cosplay. I watched Freeman's Mind a few years ago or so, and on April 1st I saw that Ross had started making a series based on Half-Life 2. I discovered Ross's Game Dungeon and found this forum. I'm from Sweden and... Are some people here furries? Then I can add I am one too :>
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