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  1. TheManUpstairs

    What was your first Valve game?

    My first Valve game was Portal 1 and 2. But I didn't actually play them. I just found out about them from the "Cake is a lie" meme. The first Valve game I actually played was HL1. It was a good game.
  2. TheManUpstairs

    Episode Titles.... if it ever happened (You May Post Yours)

    For Freeman's Mind 2. Episode 1: Hawaiian Paradise Episode 2: Tastes of Teleportation That's it. Go wait for another 7 years.
  3. TheManUpstairs

    Freeman's Mind 2 Reactions

    Hah, all of you were wrong. Or were you?
  4. TheManUpstairs

    What is Your Favourite Freeman's Mind Quote/Episode/Moment

    It's me, Gordon! From General Electric!

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