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  1. Paul McCartney

    Dead Game News: (Asheron's Call, Ghost In The Shell, Hawken)

    I didn't even know dead game news was still going on. I left notifications on, but i didn't get notified.
  2. Paul McCartney

    Thanksgiving Zombie Update

    thank you, Ross, for blessing me with this gift. I have been truly blessed this thanksgiving....
  3. Paul McCartney


    maybe some people have actually beat the game, but they aren't speaking or have died.... Oh yeah, also there's no end...
  4. Paul McCartney

    Charity Drive Appearance 2017

    I hoped the podcast went great!
  5. Paul McCartney

    Post what you're doing right now

    trying to see if there is a way to not pay for the internet when net neutrality is removed
  6. Paul McCartney

    First Person Dos Games.

    Alright, I know some MS-DOS games, but not many. But I'm asking a question, what are some other first-person shooters (Besides the most popular, i.e. Doom, Quake, Heretic, Hexen, Duke Nukem, Wolf3d, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Strife, Elder Scrolls) that I can play for DOS? I have an emulator and I want to have some fun with it!
  7. Paul McCartney

    The Master Minds

    I really don't think that Ross will do another freeman's mind UNTIL he is done with his big project.

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