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  1. 20XX, Enter the Gungeon I've been in a roguelike mood lately. One of these is basically Mega Man X if it were a roguelike game, and the other is a bullet hell shooter along the lines of The Binding of Issac, only with guns instead of tears and... stuff. Oh, and dodge rolls. Lots of dodge rolls.
  2. StarCraft II Slamming myself against this week's co-op mutator on Brutal difficulty, and repeatedly failing. It's surprisingly difficult to get anything done without your units revealing the fog of war...
  3. and john madden Link was Zelda, let's go dancing saber, with pleasure Darth Plums
  4. and john green Turkey IS Gir, let's Are FIGHTING saber, can pleasure Darth Pegasus
  5. Zealots. My life for Aiur!!! Mega Man X or Zero?
  6. Ratchet, the original StarCraft can still be played offline. Hell, it's free to get nowadays, Brood War expansion included. The only thing "online only" about it is the Remastered graphics, which is not free.
  7. Warframe Got some Prime stuff traded away. Trying to make the platinum I need to buy a couple of cosmetic bundles. I might buy the Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime bundle with my birthday money and use the platinum from that to buy those cosmetics I wanted instead, though. We'll see.
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