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  1. Now add the deaths in Freeman's mind 2 now. Also The two guys form Civil protection. the antlions, any Synths and more
  2. In Episode 1 of Freeman's mind: when Freeman said "Ah I'm not the only one who's late. SUCKER! ah ha." you can see Barney In Episode 1 of Barney's mind: when Freeman says "SUCKER!" This barney unlike the one in Freeman's mind Reacts In Episode 2 of Barney's mind: Not only we see Half-life decay but We see Freeman aging. When the scientist says "morning Gordon" Freeman responds with "sup fool" In the last episode of Barney's mind: You go to where Freeman is getting dragged by two HECU soldiers says there lines. In Episode 61 of Freeman's mind: We hear Shepard say "Get back hear you big-" getting cut off. In Shepard's Mind Episode 10: We hear what Shepard said to freeman as "Hey, Get back here you big orange (bleep)" the bleep was the F word. I can't say it because I am in School. So there are 4 References that are in Freeman's mind or in the other two Half-life 1 minds Also How I know that Shepard said that was also when Ross entered the meet the minds QNA if anyone wants to know the references in both the other minds let me know
  3. you also forgot French kissed, broken so many bones, I think brunet, Also most blown up back in Black Mesa. Now in Half-Life 2 he has been stunned, also french kissed aging by Limar, Almost got ate by a shark thing with no weapons on him, now let's add poisoned, mauled and rammed if this series continues on.
  4. I hope you feel well soon for episode 8
  5. I got four. 2 form one episode From episode 1: "AH i'm not the only one who's late. SUUUUUCKER! ah ha." and "Ya "High security" that's why we leave armed missiles out for everyone to check out. it's part of the tour." From episode 2: "HIT THE DECK!" (either Eli or Cliner: "it's about to critical") "I thought that was a sniper" From episode 29: "this sound like a job for Ambassador Pineapple. You'll be representing me on the floor."
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