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  1. Wasn't this the game that had the ridiculously large controller with the keyboard built in?
  2. On the website for Boppin' the following quote is given: I've seen other people talk about the suicide animations too, but I haven't been able to find any footage of it and I'm not sure which version of the game contains them. I recall someone mentioning that Yeet being "more modern" about seppuku means he just shoots himself in the face.
  3. I (in all honesty) don't really mind Windows 10's GUI most of the time. The start menu is kind of sucky and the weird focus mix between touchscreen and mouse is kind of a terrible awful idea that should never have been thought up in the first place, but I think it's... alright. Good enough for what I do and I don't really think I'd adapt too well to switching over to a completely new GUI due to muscle memory and my ASD and all that. But the graphic design and lack of customizability BLOWS. I hate flat UI design. It makes me feel like I'm working in a shitty office building that has "Live Laugh Love" on every wall. I prefer stuff like Windows 7's Aero or even Windows 98's theme. I don't know why but the glossiness and slightly rounded edges had more of a "premium" feel to it, like I was handling crystals shaped into windows by a talented worksmith. Now it feels like I'm handling Fisher Price plastic or painted cardboard. And I can't switch it back because Microsoft thinks I'm installing 32 viruses in one if I even dare to try to change the theme, and even then it won't look like Aero because they've made it so hard to modify things, resulting in a freakish mix between Aero, 98 and Metro! I do wish companies were more open to customization. Only one I've seen so far is New Blood Interactive allowing mods for Dusk to be made and outright supporting them via jams and tools. I guess the Steam Workshop counts as well.
  4. Got some interesting point-and-click games from 'STRAYA! The Adventures of Down Under Dan Dan is a down-on-his-luck... adventurer? Opal miner? Survivalist? Either way, Dan is flying a plane to a town full of opals when he suddenly hits the world's only flying emu! He jumps out of the plane, gets his parachute stuck in a tree... and then proceeds to fall 3 feet and lose his memory. Most of the puzzles are REALLY weird. One requires you to wait 30 seconds in a river until a stick comes along. If you miss the stick, you get eaten by a crocodile. If you get out of the river before grabbing the stick, you get your foot stuck in a dingo trap and you can't get out. It's full of cheap FMV goodness and is a surprisingly accurate rendition of outback Australian culture. Trev to The Rescue! (also known as Trev's Excellent Adventure: Problem Solving and Logical Thinking) Want more FMV? More atrocious acting? More weirdness? Trev to The Rescue is your answer! This is by the same developers as Down Under Dan and WOW, is it strange. Your younger brother, Dan, has accidentally eaten some poisonous berries and is deathly ill! The medical services won't come anywhere near your house because of your insane dad and your mum has to look after Dan. It's up to you to try and save your brother via awful FMV and sometimes very illogical puzzles. This game is so obscure, I couldn't even find it's box art! It does have a hint system, although it affects your end-of-game rating (try to get "Super Trev" on your first playthrough if you want to suffer!) The Sydney Mystery Oh boy, this is probably the worst game in this list. Your uncle has been kidnapped and your main character can't figure out the number for 000, it's up to you to figure out where your uncle is. Additionally, there's been terrorists bombing the landmarks of Sydney, including the Opera House! Oh noooooooooooooooooo!!! Can YOU solve the Sydney Mystery? This game is, to put it lightly, shit. The story is half-baked, the graphics look like someone's first photoshop job, the FMV is awful (including moments where the boom mic is visible and intense wind blows out the audio!) and the acting matches the quality. The music sounds like a Casio keyboard having a stroke during open heart surgery and the voiceover of the main character is so bland and uninspired I wanted the game to end within 5 minutes of watching a video of it. At the very least, it gave us one of the best "so-bad-it's-good" cutscenes ever. (which I won't post here because it's a major spoiler, but you'll know it when you see it. Hint: The only word in it is "doonk!") Also, in one specific moment you can see the camera they used to record the FMV charging on a couch. Most of these games, as far as I can tell, are abandonware and can be downloaded on Archive.org. The Sydney Mystery is the only exception. The only download I was able to find was from a Youtube playthrough. Down Under Dan is probably the longest and most well known, spanning about 3 hours of gameplay if you know what you're doing. Trev to The Rescue is a bit shorter, coming in at 2 1/2 hours. Finally, The Sydney Mystery is the shortest, spanning only 1 to 1 1/2 hour.
  5. I've got multiple dream softwares... a lot of these tie into "The GUI should be better", so... 1: A discord client with proper customization. I don't like how *flat* discord is and the only other discord clients I know of are Ripcord (which I'm using right now) and Better Discord (which is a pain in the ass!) 2: Something to make Windows 10 MUCH more customizable. Once again, flatness blows. Give me Aero or give me death.
  6. Here's something of mild interest: BLOOD AND BACON. A horde-based FPS where your enemies are pigs, the arena is a farm and there is SO MUCH BLOOD. Also, it's cheap. About $1 USD for 101 stages, 2-4 player co-op, additional game modes (including a space station sim, for some reason?) and regular updates. Yes, even after its initial release in 2013 on XBLA it's still getting updates, the developer even occasionally runs servers where you can play with him! There are some downsides, though. After stage 35-40 the game starts to get a bit repetitive. It's a slog to get through at points and it's a bit boring when you're not playing co-op. The graphics look like they're from a budget release from 2001 and the sound quality kinda blows, especially the voice acting which sounds like it was recorded on a $2 microphone from a corner store. But it's $1, made by 1 guy and it's fun most of the time. If you're in need of a game for a LAN party, this is a good bet.
  7. Welp, time to throw my second group of suggestions into the mix. Devo Presents The Adventures Of The Smart Patrol Gameplay footage here. Yes, that is the game's real name. No, I am not joking. Smart Patrol is a bizarre first-person-point-and-click adventure game created by our devolved huboons at Devo. Published by InScape, who also published Bad Day On The Midway and The Dark Eye, this strange game revolves around you being a member of the Smart Patrol, a group that plans to rebel against Big Media. Additionally, a dangerous creature named Turkey Monkey roams the streets of Spudland! ... And that's all I managed to get. It's weird and chock-full of FMV goodness, including several music videos, a short rendition of "Mechanical Man" AND an original song entitled "That's What She Said"! Bound Around Gameplay footage here. A unique breakout clone made for children. I remember playing the demo years ago on my Dad's good ol' all-in-one Mac. It's a fine day in... Place? When suddenly, your family is kidnapped by evil insects!!! Now, it's up to you and your incredible bouncing skills to rescue your family! I don't remember what else happens, but there are some unique mechanics. You can still buy the game directly from the developer for only $10! Piposh Gameplay footage here. Another Israeli game? In MY game dungeon? It's more likely than you think. A comedic point-and-click game about a failed actor, Piposh, who attempts to make his way to Hollywood for fame and fortune via a cruise ship. Unfortunately, he's boarded the wrong ship. And there's a killer on the ship as well. Whoops. I have no idea WHAT this game is about as all the information I can find is in Hebrew, and there's only so much Google Translate can do.
  8. Nah, I think that's just the rocket bouncing the ball between the cubes back and forth really fast.
  9. Midis... Eugh. I'll slap 'em in FL Studio and see if I get something cool out of it.
  10. Uh oh, what's that sound? That's me rushing in with another suggestion! Normality! A strange game about Kent, a RAAADICALL surfer dude trying to better the land of Neutropolis for the better. He was arrested for whistling and essentially not being normal enough, so the tyrannical leader sends him into a cell, nicknamed the "blue pen", that continuously blares cheesy elevator music into the ears of the victims. He soon finds out about a secret team planning to overthrow the leader and restore peace to the land. It's made by gremlin graphics, the same guys behind Realms of the Haunting. It uses the same engine, too! I found it to be rather charming in it's bizarre, early 90's cheesy CGI artstyle, sort of like Armed and delirious. You can pick it up on either steam, GOG or buy a physical copy. They're all rather cheap. The digital versions come with Dosbox on it, set up for the game. Whatever you do, don't run it in fullscreen cause GOD the game hates it. The soundtrack is REALLY catchy. Listen to some of these tracks and I bet you won't get them outta your head! c8FMCQjY7O0 This one got stuck in my head, mostly because i was stuck in the section where this music looped FOREVER! GiP-bKefGLo S21PwU6b2oA kgNmuANdzMU Wonder what that morse code means... Anyway, it's a rather interesting game and I wonder what happened to the engine. ...Christ, I sound like a salesperson... Hope Ross considers this one!
  11. I love that polygonal art style! Definitely gonna try it out!
  12. I own a rather obscure game that I wouldn't mind sending Ross, It's called Chasm: The Rift, a Ukrainian first person shooter that came out around the time of Quake. I played a small amount of it. As far as I can tell it's about an alien race from different time eras attacking earth. It's rather weird.
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