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  1. Just as a thought: Which games which you like, or also have in your personal list, made it into it? In my case it's Alpha Storm, I found out its name again after finding an games magazine from maybe 99 or 98, in the Good&Cheap section... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU351dNB3fE I first read and wanted to play it when I was maybe seven, and only managed to find the magazine again a few days ago; You could say that despite not having played the game until just now I have quite a history with it, and "That one game with the psychic guy with blue hands" stuck out prominently in my memory. As fir the game itself, it'd be a great fit for the Dungeon. It has an interesting mix of systems (You have RPG character progression, a set of powers that starts out large, a ship you can improve by stealing components from other ships, simplistic, pseudo AFK combat management that you have to do to board other ships and do the mentioned stealing, and a story to advance, and that's just from having played 30-ish minutes) and a dubiously moral protagonist fighting a seemingly even worse dark empire, and interesting aesthetics. Oh, and the manual straight up tells you to save up a big bomb to drop in the last boss. The tone made me think I wouldn't finish the game if I didn't have this. I may play it more, the game has such an arrangement of systems that I was confused almost the entire time for a variety of reasons. Your ship has hidden passages that may or may not be of actual use and you have to find on your own, several attacks looked like just generic projectiles but had special effects when they hit enemies; This feels like the kind of thing I wouldn't feel fully in control until I have several hours in it. So which games from the list did you already know and like, and why?
  2. I kind of want to make a "Things we're happy to see made it into The List" thread but don't know the forum culture here, would that be ok or would you guys rather have it here?
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