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  1. Fantastic game. Great devs too.
  2. While several tracks from this game have existed on YouTube, as far as I could find, most of the soundtrack hadn't been posted before now. So here it is now in it's entirety:
  3. This is an old thread from before they were officially implemented, they aren't disabling them.
  4. Don't let the screenshots or "action" label fool you, environmental puzzles are the focus of this game, with some third-person shooting mixed into it. I personally needed to refer to a walkthrough every now and then as sometimes it was confusing how to interact with certain objects (perhaps what happened to the above poster ^). The sci-fi under-city slum/industrial setting this game has as well as it's level design are IMO it's strong points. It feels like there is a decent amount to them as there are often cramped, hard to reach nooks and crannies throughout them that you need to use drones to access. I'm not going to write a whole review here so I'll stop and say that it's certainly worth a look. Just don't go in expecting the shooter experience you may at first have thought it to be.
  6. i can't speak for how good or bad the game is but it's soundtrack is certainly excellent: PgUmVqXBovY
  7. Another excellent share ^ It took me a while to rack my brain for this one, but Neon Struct, a somewhat generic-playing stealth game from 2015, included a dreamy synth-washed soundtrack by a band called The Home Conversion. Both the game and band are close to unknown and deserve mention.
  8. Dude, these are wonderful! I'm absolutely gonna look more into them.
  9. This is from one of the Choro Q games, a series of cutesy Japanese racing games. Choro-Q Marine: Q-Boat I believe is the game's title in English. The channel this was posted to has much of the music from the entire series.
  10. I noticed if you go to sort the games list by a custom parameter one of the options is by number of comments. Is this an unimplemented feature?
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