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  1. ---- Yes, massa. I’ll fit your tunnel vision, please don’t send the female-dominated defense contractors again, massa!
  2. Gotta admire how you won’t even call out Annie by name for completely barraging another forum member with ad homs until he got sick of it and left. As I’ve said before, that kind of blatant hypocrisy used support your peers is exactly what’s needed to win the culture war, not running away from it. Right on, sister! Watchu talkin bout Willis!? Half of the World’s hemisphere doesn’t live by that pussywhipped late-capitalist decadence of a mindset and it would be mighty bigoted of you to enforce them on others, migthy mighty imperialistic indeed! There’s no notion of responsibility whatsoever in Modern Women™ and I pointed that out, so please go finger-wag elsewhere.
  3. Jeez, all that whiteknighting spiel just made my cooch mighty dry. Will a real man just come and grab it already!? Lesson learned; I hope. You’ll always be a nazi in their eyes and as long as you keep running away, the less it’ll remain for you in the future. I encourage you to rethink your decision and give this place another chance even if just to continue (i.e. revive) your fantastic thread on emulation.
  4. I've never played it but I remember it being aggressively promoted everywhere with Orson Scott Card’s name plastered all over, and that it was supposed to be the second coming. Ha! Looking at the screens, is there a product which best represents the typical aesthetics during the fat XBOX era than this game? He's doing it wrong; hold the goddam guns sideways for peak mid-2000s, man!
  5. And they’ll keep on growing in numbers and deservingly so because right-wingers and centrists will always pucker up for the almighty Amazing Desmond as long as they can still keep their escapism unblemished. *spits on floor*
  6. Don't forget to keep 'em coming, goblin-slayer! The Alone in the Dark reboot might’ve been a smörgåsbord of great ideas implemented in the most half-assed manner (plus drugs) but it’s tragic how Olivier Deriviere's brilliant colab with the all-female choir, The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, isn’t being celebrated as one of the best OSTs in the medium ~~ shto liiiiiii
  7. There’s something incredibly soothing in watching the eternal slav clicking and laughing his way through a game I’ve never heard before. It's a panacea, really. It reminds me of watching let’s plays of Pathologic in the early aughts. That HUD is certainly tasty and was more than enough to win me over. It all looks like it’s taking place somewhere inside the HoMM 3’s Necropolis:
  8. There’s really no comparison here: the OG was definitely better than the sequel, especially with the water chip time limit patch. I’m surprised to find a fellow highbrow gentleman that’s able to grasp the superiority of the OG Fallout. FYI it’s also high on my lsit. Ooooh please do whisper in my ear how it completely trashes the modern dry entries and you've got yourself a zealot for life… Do it
  9. Not that it sucked sucked but, come on… Troy “Wonderbread” Baker as the Joker? How dare they? Now this one is praised by pretty much errbody and they mama. If anything, it should belong to a 'most overrated games' thread – now go make one! chop chop! I’d say Betrayal in Antara for me. It trumped Feist’s clichéd fantasy world and so-so writing from the uncriticizable Betrayal at Krondor, while also tweaking and improving the overall experience. So, yeah, you guys can go grab your tiki torches now…
  10. Aw hell yeah! TAKARA was always on point when it came to upbeat gems like that one. Their Battle Arena Toshinden games featured some of their best work: And I’m told Vermilion’s theme was the sole reason for Ross’s implausible levels of hirsuteness: Highly unappreciated indeed. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, Aug-Jones.
  11. I’m sorry, but I’m not a subscriber of Wapo so I can’t read nor comment on that. But from what I’m gathering here, the incredibly white J. Bezos' paper that blatantly lied about the whole Covington Catholic High School students’ debacle is interviewing a supposed authority on the issue, namely an “ethnic conflict professor”? That seems unbiased enough. Either self-identification or peer pressure (or both), every single macro decision is highly influenced by what your collective is leaning towards. Whites are the only ones that repudiate this – even against themselves. Speaking of MSM and 'the powerful', remember when Wapo promoted to no end the invasion of Iraq in 2003? Ah, good times good times.
  12. I stopped here. It would beg the question then of why even try to be part of that despondent group? Like, ew cooties n' shit! There are two forces at play here: one is trying to avoid their escapism turning into this ugly reality and the other is trying to insert their reality into it. The winner will be the one with the most purchasing power, i.e., def not the tumblrites. Get woke go...
  13. And from that post alone I can tell you’re white since it’s the only race capable of self-flagellating to the point of myopia. Dissociating socioeconomics from racial dynamics is the same as denying class struggle or automation, especially in the age of compulsory multiculti. “The powerful” use what’s real to realize their goals, e.g., a record number of blacks voted in twice the Nobel prize winner that followed the script by bombing 7 countries, yet their voter turnout fell sharply in 2016, the largest on record. Were the free cell phones the deal-maker? You mean the MSM that hides race behind any nationality du jour when abhorrent crimes are committed throughout Europe or the MSM that edits out the inconvenient ugliness?
  14. Ha! It wouldn’t truly be a SNES appreciation thread without all the animus, now would it? That being said… Breath of Fire II > Earthbound & Chrono Trigger, suckas!!
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