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Your Underrated Tracks

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Few have heard them and only you can really appreciate them.

Show us what made them special.



Facing a God never felt so real as in @1:10:


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This is from one of the Choro Q games, a series of cutesy Japanese racing games. Choro-Q Marine: Q-Boat I believe is the game's title in English.



The channel this was posted to has much of the music from the entire series.

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5 hours ago, MikMogus said:

This is from one of the Choro Q games

Aw hell yeah! TAKARA was always on point when it came to upbeat gems like that one.

Their Battle Arena Toshinden games featured some of their best work:


And I’m told Vermilion’s theme was the sole reason for Ross’s implausible levels of hirsuteness:


Highly unappreciated indeed. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, Aug-Jones.

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14 hours ago, MikMogus said:

Dude, these are wonderful! I'm absolutely gonna look more into them.

Don't forget to keep 'em coming, goblin-slayer! 🤘


The Alone in the Dark reboot might’ve been a smörgåsbord of great ideas implemented in the most half-assed manner (plus drugs) but it’s tragic how Olivier Deriviere's brilliant colab with the all-female choir, The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, isn’t being celebrated as one of the best OSTs in the medium ~~ shto liiiiiii




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Another excellent share ^


It took me a while to rack my brain for this one, but Neon Struct, a somewhat generic-playing stealth game from 2015, included a dreamy synth-washed soundtrack by a band called The Home Conversion. Both the game and band are close to unknown and deserve mention.



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I'm just going to hop in here to say anything by Bignic is underrated. If you haven't heard of him, he's the guy that made Domina and Corporate Lifestyle Simulator. His song Modern is one of my favorites, but I honestly recommend listening to all of his music on Bandcamp or Spotify, it's a real treat.



He recently worked on the soundtrack for a game called FutureGrind which came out a few months ago and looks great (I haven't played it yet though)

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