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  1. My young cousins love to play GTA online and they also love the classic GTA games, like GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. I also got them loving an MK arcade machine. I don't think they care about graphics as much as other people, and I'm the same way.
  2. Definitely take that therapy. It's very useful to have someone to talk to and help you solve your problems. I used to be depressed and I didn't need any medication to make me better, but people have different stories than mine.
  3. Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle is a free to play version of this. Not a rip off either, same dev. This game, as well as Killer Puzzle, are very fun ways to pass the time.
  4. It's also really hard to embrace those solutions. Sometimes it requires moving on and we usually don't want to move on, but moving on is the best thing we can do.
  5. Fair enough. Just remember though, lots of great games came from gimmicks. Like moving between portals for example. It's the way the gimmick is implemented that makes the game fun, scary, etc.
  6. Calm down, there's plenty of games that add files to your pc. Ever heard of saves? It is scary for sure, but it's totally safe, it just enhances the atmosphere of the game and makes it scary. And it doesn't haunt the PC forever, you can close the game via task manager easily if it bothers you that much.
  7. I'm an atheist. I don't believe there's absolutely no god, it's just that I don't believe we have any real reason to believe in one. I've heard theories that the singularity was/is God, and they seem plausible but there's really no way of proving that it is/was a god. Maybe in the future, we can finally figure it out. We've come this far! Anyways, I used to be an angry atheist, the kind that debates any time religion was brought up even remotely, but now I'm way more laid back. I'm pretty happy with life and I think my atheism led me to happiness, but it could also be entirely coincidental.
  8. I used to feel this way. I think my issue was that I kept my bisexuality in the closet. This isn't the case for everyone though, just my case. I'm exactly the same way. I usually suppress it then take it all out when I listen to music and run. I would've never posted on a forum when I was self-conscious and anxious. I consider my online appearance as my actual appearance so I don't want people to dislike me. I've also edited my post several times and it's not even that long!
  9. Yeah, there's plenty of stuff I don't like about myself. To give one example, I feel like I'm way too emotional than I should be. I get jealous easily, but I keep myself in check. Sometimes I feel like I'm too nice and sometimes I feel like I'm too harsh. There's rarely a middle ground for my emotions and logical reasoning. That's my biggest issue, everything else is small or just plain uncontrollable. I'm mostly a chill and happy guy!
  10. I recommend this game wholeheartedly. I can't tell you why without spoilers and I don't want to ruin the fun.
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