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  1. Maan, I drove one of those before. It's a great beginners car, you can trash it and not feel bad.
  2. Stronghold Legends. I really don't get why people hate this game. 2 was fucking awful with your peasants taking random shits in the street that you had to build a dung farmer to clean up, criminals that left your workshops permanently OFF, mercenaries being a bit too powerful, some buildings taking up a 1/3 of our county and the maps being small didn't help either. Legends fixes all the problems 2 had by cutting the fat, giving you new units and some pretty good campaigns. There is no objective problems with the game, yet people still hate it. A common talking point I hear is that it's not like the 2D Strongholds, it isn't a medieval castle simulator. This is sorta true: some very minor details are missing, but if that disqualified it from being a good game, then fuck, we've really up'ed out standards for sequels. I thought people liked those games. Are you talking about generals 1 and Red alert 1? I can see how people might not like them. They are somewhat outdated, but hey there are tools like OpenRA that fixes any problems with resolution and controls.
  3. Christian born, then agnostic, now ortho theolog. I think a very big reason why the younger generations (or a lot born after the mid 20th century) aren't religious at all has to do with the church in the west being very detached from the general culture and average person. You have a lot of kids that come from hardcore christian homes that resent their old beliefs out of spite for an outdated and sometimes hostile environment, and then you have a detached, very dogmatic priesthood that can't solve any of the problems of the modern man. This isn't really related, but I felt like venting a (personal) frustration I have with the modern clergical administration. On a light note: Some of the best people I've known have been monks. Thinking of becoming one.
  4. The Thing (The 82 film) I thought it was amazing, even better than Alien in some aspects. It had more believable characters and a better fleshed out monster for one thing. It even got me a few times with the twists. It's definitely one of the best science fiction horror movies to ever come out. The only problem I have is that the opening gave away too much information, although this might be me watching it in 2019 and being able to predict things that might have flown over people's heads back in 82. Surprised it didn't get any sequels up until 2011.
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