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  1. An enjoyable contest. Some of the skins here have made me want to take an axe to my desktop UI.
  2. Yeah it seems to be planned as its own distinct title for later release. I'm interested to see if it's as separate as they say or rather something like what Warzone is to the recent Modern Warfare. Maybe it'll be Cyberpunk-themed mahjong.
  3. I'm not sure what time travel looks like but I'm certainly feeling it. Missed these old things. The_Book_of_W_namp.wsz Slept on it and figured what I'd call a book-themed GUI: The Technonomicon.
  4. I'm cautiously optimistic on Cyberpunk 2077. From hype alone I'm not sure how it can measure up to that sheer scale of excitement but otherwise, it looks like a game that will scratch the itch Deus Ex has permanently given me. Outside the context of the game, it has been kinda funny watching CDPR's PR gingerly address the topic of microtransactions for the as yet undetailed multiplayer.
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