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  1. what was that example quake 2 game with lip sync ross used?
  2. yknow one of the things i would love about extreme VR tech (the treadmill thing ross was talking about) is how it would bring fourth a new form of art. that discussion topic of "are videogames art"? well putting on a VR headset would be something new and awesome. it wouldnt be a game just drink in someones cool vision of an environment.
  3. so i wasnt really bothered about the GUI a lot before watching Ross' video and it got me thinking, specifically the part about Microsoft treating any 3rd party GUI customisation software as a virus. why the hell have Microsoft removed the ability to revert it back to the classis 95/98 layout? early days of windows 10 you could do that. i remember doing it. there are even tutorials on how to do it but you cant change it back anymore. i got so desperate i downloaded classicshell days before an update and yes that killed it off. so i dont even mind the functionality. i just want the classic aesthetic but microsoft wont even let me have that. the fact that they went through the effort to remove it astonishes me. why are they forcing us to have it less personalised? im surprised im still allowed to have a custom wallpaper.
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