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  1. sadly it is and the average civilian AI is no better . The enemy AI is pretty bad too but what youd expect in a modern open world game its no worse then any Ubisoft title . The driver AI is so bad that if you park your vehicle in a wide open road they dont know how to drive around it they'll just sit there for eternity lol . CD Projekt Red has said its a glitch and not working as intended but frankly i dont believe them an doubt it can be fixed with patches . BUT theres many things praise worthy about the game id encourage you to give it a chance maybe wait for patches and when its on sale .
  2. i agree for the most part. its far and away the most impressive game city ever the sheer size of the skyscrapers ,monuments etc is astonishing .
  3. Again I'm loving the game on pc but its simply a fact that they mislead last gen console players . go watch the official PS4 "gameplay" showcase if you don't believe me , it was a complete misrepresentation of how the game actually plays on that system . Don't really know how this could be disputed its a fact , they also had a statements saying it would run "surprisingly well" on old hardware. They pulled an Ubisoft
  4. Yea its kind of annoying that a lot of people are judging the game on the old consoles which have just dog shit hardware . Runs fine on my pc at 1080p. It was really misleading how Cyberpunk was marketed towards console players though .
  5. finishing up dragon age awakening (put Dragon Age of for awhile idk why cause i loved it) and playing Cyberpunk 2077 an Farc Cry Primal when im feeling for something simple . still playing Squad fairly regularly too . last game I beat was Far Cry Blood Dragon and i loved it
  6. haha same . the outlandish and fun writing his old game movies have is awesome an really unique
  7. im 60+ hours in and its quite flawed but I'm loving it to be honest . Great story , the guns have weight to them , the leveling system is dense and its the most impressive in game city ever built in my opinion . I could go on but yeah I really like it .
  8. He is still making a movie right? mentioned it in the chat but yea i get that mind set its rough
  9. take some days off man! I love game dungeon but your mental health is more important .
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