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  1. Well, @Shaddy I think you won me over, more or less. I mean - there's still a myriad points of debate left over but I think I see the wider wisdom of dropping the ban hammer early and hard. I'm not saying I internalized your position, but I do see the wisdom of it. :)
  2. No, not Yezidi. I meant proper obvious western satanist, like the people that practice black masses or summon demons in the full knowledge of what their doing and full intent of doing it.
  3. The response is slightly out of order because I there is an important thing I need to point out. I didn't think of this. :( My bad. I had in my mind a rambling-hobo-style person that thinks Jews are controlling everything and also the water if fluoridated to affect our precious fluids and bend our minds (or whatever it was). Also, the gold standard. Because that is approximately the kind of people I had contact with in the wild, including on old phpBB forums. And as far as I remember, the usual protocol for handling them involved rolling your eyes and maybe ignoring them when they start rambling and only banning them if they actually started promoting or glorifying hatred of Jews. Of which I basically remember there being a single instance where a person "had fun" with a GIF of Hitler and got banned for a week or so. They didn't repeat the offense. (P.S. There may have been another one who unapologetically posted some GIFs from concentration camps, but it could be just my hazy memory. Maybe it was the same person.) And speaking of rambling hobos, I settled on just that explanation. For me, saying that "Jews control everything" is on the same level as saying "our precious bodily fluids". I don't want to imply they have an actual mental disorder (like a DSM diagnosis), but I'm pretty sure something went haywire upstairs. Let me elaborate. When we, as humans, describe the world, we describe certain entities in that world, and rules by which the world behaves. And causations. And generally there is a well-agreed upon, but unwritten, algorithm for arriving to high level, intelligent descriptions of complex real world phenomena. Generally, that unwritten algorithm will not allow a person to conclude that "Jews control the world". So if a person does conclude that, then basically they didn't follow the algorithm. Maybe their brains are busted (like maybe they have an actual disorder that just didn't make it into DSM but will eventually), or maybe they are too young and are simply making understandable errors of judgment, or maybe they are old but were making those errors so long and so hard their brains ossified into a pathologic thought pattern (making them literally unable to formulate unerroneous thoughts) or maybe - maybe they are consciously and intentionally generating erroneous thoughts. Maybe they are even making those thoughts will full purpose of having erroneous, even evil, thoughts (like, maybe they are satanists and doing evil is part of their religious practice). Whatever the matter, I think it's sensible to conclude in all of these circumstances, that they are "crazy". They are not behaving as intelligence dictates so they are by definition crazy. There might be a better word, but "beside intelligence" is the concept. Bible would call this "foolishness", particularly if it is done with understanding and intent. Ugh, "deplatforming" is a dirty word because of all the Woke Cancel Culture. Anyways, I haven't seen the data, and when I do I'll remember that it needs to be interpreted carefully and with nuance. Deplatforming is quite a spectrum. Also, I had to look up Richard Bertrand Spencer (born May 1978), David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950). Quite the cookies. I'm amazed such people exist, and I'm even more amazed they have more then 50 followers each. And I also had to look up Unite the Right. I heard of the Charlottesville riot but never got around to investigate the matter. Well, you will know a community by seeing how it handles explosive topics. :) This forum topic might generate more newcomers down the line. :) EDIT: BY WHICH I DIDN'T MEAN I AM SOME SORT OF A RECON FOR NAZIS!
  4. This sounds like a fun idea. Also I'm new, where's the soap? xD Speaking honestly, I would think that a person thinking Jews control the world is more likely to be crazy than hateful. I mean, they may be both crazy and hateful, but perhaps it's sufficient to just write them off when they start to ramble. I mean, what would banning such a person accomplish? If not banned, it's not likely they would be able to convince a neutral observer they are right - so the antisemitism isn't likely to spread and there's little evil that can be prevented by banning them. OTOH, banning them both removes a member of the community (crazy as they are) and also reinforces their inner beliefs, instead of diminishing them. Will I get banned if I ask what's an enlightenment van? :)
  5. This will probably come off as ghastly, but I loved it when Ross ended the video with "stay tuned for the apocalypse". xD You see, given the apparent energy crisis gripping the world right now (175 EUR/? gas), and the experience of the previous energy crisis in 2008 (120 USD/barrel oil), it's not a stretch to say that in a few months the financial system will again seize up. Except this time the central banks of the world are out of means and will probably start printing money, causing hyperinflation and basically resetting the financial system. Additionally, a newer - possibly more deadly - variant of SARS-CoV-2 might emerge, which all together means the next winter might be a literal Division, in NYC, as well as other cities in the world. Anyway, I feel that ending of the video will age perfectly. ^_^
  6. Hi all! I didn't have the time to read all 16 pages but I did see at least one person mentioned dwm. Just like Ross, I've been trying to better and optimize the GUI I use, up until I tried dwm. At that point I reached peak GUI and haven't really been trying since. Or more exactly, I reached the peak of the OS GUI shell. More on that later. Dwm is presented to me as a thin strip at the top of the screen leaving almost the entire screen for the application I am working in. By default, the application gets the entire screen so you don't ever have to think about sizing your windows (but this can be toggled in case you need sizeable windows). It allocates a number of virtual screens and then I logically distribute my work on these screens. For example, screen 5 is email, screen 3 is the web browser, screen 4 is music & small things. To switch from screen to screen, I do "windows button + the number of the screen". I can do this with a single hand, so I don't have to release the mouse (I'm right-handed). The switches are instantaneous and I can immediately start to work. To run programs, you use dmenu. It activates when you press "windows button + r" and it displays you in the top of the screen a simple list of programs you can run. Then you just go left-right until you have the one you want (you can also start typing and it will narrow the list), press enter and the program starts. However I have a confession to make. To be efficient, the list of programs you can fit in dmenu is really short. In addition, this scheme only works as an application launcher. So, to enable me to do the rest, I use a command line terminal. A very long time ago I used to have a GUI file manager, but I got rid of it. This was almost certainly a bad idea because the state of my files has been degenerating ever since then. These days most of my files are strung all over the place and I probably don't need half of them. So at the very least, you would want to augment the thing I described with a GUI file manager. I used Thunar back in the day (circa 2009). Now, I did previously mention the OS GUI shell. In his video, Ross talked about that but he didn't really talk about the thing where GUI really does get used: application programs. Perhaps they could be made better by forcing (?) or allowing the application to use a GUI framework given by the OS so the OS could intelligently customize the applications GUI components. I'm shooting in the dark, application GUIs are hard. And then there are the web pages. :O I added two screenshots from way back in the day. I'm kind of flexing in one of them, sorry about that. xD
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