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  1. i feel like the problem with moral systems in games is that its either "oh you are a kind soul" or "you are a monster" sometimes with a neutral option they rarely give us motive to be the "bad guy" or make we chose a conflicting decision where we really have to decide what to do humans arent black and white people arent assholes just for being an asshole (most times anyway) usually they think they are being a good person even when thats not the case but most games wants us to take these black and white decisions with ends up with most of the playerbase being the good guy and the ones playing with "evil" characters doing it either to see what happens or just for the lolz of it all decisions shouldint be "i will kill you because i am a monster" but "i will kill you because this is the only way" thats what they were going for with bioshock they would make so saving the little sisters would really screw you up and make the game a lot harder and more frustrating while harvesting them would make the game a cake walk but the publisher didn't let them do it so we have this system where it doesn't really matter if you save or harvest them
  2. kinda off topic but lots of games released during the early to mid 2010's suffered from what i call the "avgn effect" thats is many games releasing around that time where hated a lot for the smallest of nit picks because "angry" reviewers were really popular back them these days when people go back to them they usually say something like "its not that bad" or "it has some cool things going for it despite its flaws" while these usually only affected indie games some AAA games were also affected by this honestely i feel like the discourse around games and other media is so much better these days now that this style isnt as popular anymore (even though i like some of the reviews that came from that era) back on topic i really like kingdom hearts 358/2 days but the game is hated by pretty much everyone else
  3. megaman x6 totally for me at least this has the best soundtrack on a megaman game but man the game sucks ass it tried to be different from the others and it failed a lot but it has cool concepts and music other then that the games is garbage in my opinion its the opposite of megaman x4 where we have a very solid game that plays too safe and has lame music
  4. honestly of all the obscure games you have shown this one seems to be the most interesting i even searched around for a copy of this game just wandering the city seens to be a fun enough experience and i loved the visuals of it all honestly i love exploration and adventure games like this with are low on consequences and high on experimentation
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