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  1. LOL guess i forgot that in all my excitement, it's called 9: The Last Resort
  2. I think after all that Freeman has been through, he'll never let some damn bureaucracy weigh him down again
  3. Ross is awesome at reviews and I know his movie reviews would kick ass too. Especially since he watches weird stuff like that movie with the crucifix stabbers I forget the name of... anyway something like Game Dungeon for movies? Hell yeah! Butt I know FM and GD keep him busy as it is not to mention the movie he's working on. If he would even do some simpler stream-of-consciousness type movie reviews, something like critikal's moist meter, I would still love it though.
  4. Guys I think I found the perfect game for a future Game Dungeon. 9: The Last Resort It was released in 1996, it's a point n click adventure game produced by Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro no less, voiced by several big name celebrities including Cher, Christopher Reeve and Steven Tyler & Joe Perry of Aerosmith. The game has no proper reviews on Youtube that I could find and fellas, it looks like a weird ass game, practically tailor made for Game Dungeon lol
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