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  1. Pax Christi, everyone! For my inaugural post, I'd like to introduce myself, give a little background as to how I wound up here, and then ask a related question. I'm a newer fan of machinima and related content. Though I was always vaguely aware of it, It wasn't until what larger districts would call Middle School that I really took an interest, sparked by goofy Gmod and SFM animations. One animator lead to another, and suddenly I found myself watching Freeman's Mind and HLVRAI and learning more about classic shooter titles such as Doom, Half Life, TF2, Wolfenstein, etc... What I mean to say is that machinima has a special place in my heart. It burst the Nintendo bubble I was holed up in, helped improve my art, gave me inspiration, and somehow led me down a rabbit hole that ended in an interest in Eastern Europe, which I intend to make a career of. Since this seems like the perfect place to ask, which machinima animators are dear to you? It's difficult to choose, but some of mine are Kitty0706, Eltorro64rus, An0nymooose, and Ross Scott of course.
  2. RIP Stadia, you will probably be missed by someone.
  3. Currently bouncing between Depeche Mode, And One, and the Half Life soundtrack
  4. For me it was Bloodborne, a game I am so spectacularly bad at that I somehow managed to easily defeat Lady Maria under 10 tries and die to The Living Failures about 40 times in the same playthrough.
  5. I had to fight every fiber of my being from posting "In the Virtual End" with Eli and Kleiner
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