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  1. Eh, i'm new here. Indeed, i fell for it (fool) ((the fool being me, btw))
  2. Hey Ross, how's going? Is there any chance you will release a part 2 for the GUI video? (it's really one of my favourites from you)
  3. oh my GOD i made a homestuck reference accidentally holy shit holy fuck
  4. Honestly yeah, i will, i type "cal" far to often on the search bar tbh
  5. yeah yeah, win10 is full of bloatware, telemetry stuff, it sucks. My pc ain't strong enough to handle all of that shit so i learnt about this tool by Chris Titus that got my CPU usage from 95% (doing nothing, literally on the desktop) to like 8% (firefox open and some other shit running in the background). Every fresh install i do of this OS (i do it quite often) is folowed by that tool that gets rid of all of the trash windows 10 comes with (it also lets you deactivate the usless and automatic updates, and leave only the security updates to be installed whenever you want) i also like it to look really nice, it sucks that i can't really personalize my dual monitor setup with one wallpaper on each screen, so i make it to be a solid color, then use wallpaper engine to put diferent images on each one (Simon Stalenhag's work is reaaaly good) i've never used the microsoft store and the only time i did was so i could download TranslucentTB (i like a clear taskbar, more room for my wallpaper) i have literally 4 icons on my desktopo and my start menu looks like this:
  6. tried mint for a while and, tbh, not that diferent, i was able to play on steam normally and emulating the ps1 was actually so easy i just couldn't bellieve it. Got back to win10 because factorio ran like shit using linux (my pc is shit) but in win10 runs just fine (even tho i have to debloat the SHIT out of win10, it's a process i actually enjoy)
  7. Fuck DRM honestly, someday i'm gonna buy my games at GOG (or some other DRM free thing), then store every single installer and copy onto a self hosted server (ah, the american dream of owning a big chunk of metal full of drives) <----(Acurate depiction of me making my own server)
  8. <------- (he never actually participated on a fourm) Ight, here i fucking go i guess, Im the Pelícano, i'm on my 20's and, well, idk I'm here because of Ross' Videos (obviously), Freeman's mind is peak comedy and his content in Game Dungeon makes me literally shit my pants or something, i also rewatch his GUI video every now and then (he makes really good points)
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