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UT2004 Session Info

Here’s the info for the Unreal Tournament 2004 session:

2PM EST, February 25th.
Can be seen live at

Primary server:
password: dog

Secondary (overflow) servers: – Overflow #1 – Overflow #2
password: dog

Works with the UT2004 demo or the full version. You can download the demo here:
Unreal Tournament 2004 demo download

After starting the game, press the ~ key, then type: open
Press ~ again and enter the password.

Instructions for running the game in widescreen
The HUD will still be stretched, but everything else is fixable.

We’ll be playing onslaught mode. I don’t have an easy guide explaining how it works, maybe someone can post one in the comments. The short version is try to defend our nodes or attack the enemy’s (shown on the minimap). You can use the secondary fire on your link gun (the green one) to heal the node and vehicles. The server will probably be up between now and then if you want to test it out.

Thursday is a Polish holiday where people eat as many donuts as they can.


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