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  1. Very good post, 100% correct.
  2. A dehumidifier will help you in the short term, as it'll just keep the moisture/mould at a lower level for now (and probably dry your clothes faster). However, it won't solve the issue at all, only a complete refit of the ventilation system (new fans, ducting, insulation), and potentially new roofing and cladding will solve it. If the landlord is working on the cheap you won't get that at all. At work I sell these sorts of things to tradesmen and landlords, and you can immediately tell a poor landlord by the quality of what he wants to buy; quick fixes are only that. The longer it takes to solve the problem, the worse it will get. Mould will spread faster than you'll notice and a dehumidifier will not remove it, only slow it down. As soon as your residents permit comes, get out of there. Even if a certain apartment isn't 100% ideal, it's better than one you can't live in. Mould contains allergens, toxins and irritants and you will get ill. (I've been there) Best of luck Ross, I hope it works out.
  3. Absolutely not. Freeman's Mind is the only show of its type that I'm even remotely interested in because; * The dialogue is actually engaging, interesting, funny and not just "rAnDoM!" nonsense like you get on other "gaming" channels * HL was/is my favourite game and knowing the maps well and which bits are coming up in FM kept me interested, to see how Ross would react * FM is a series I've watched for years and I'm super pumped to see it continue * It's not laid out like a typical "Let's Play" because it isn't that; it's a Machinima, it's an action comedy and it's a parody. Now I'm a huge fan of Game Dungeon, and I'm interested in The Movie while not excited yet (because we don't know enough). But I really want to see Freeman's Mind. If Ross didn't think he could do it, or *really* didn't want to, he wouldn't. Yes the "fans" have spoken but if we all asked Ross to jump off a cliff... ? I've always wanted and am excited for FM2, but that doesn't mean I don't want more GD - I absolutely do! Then I want more Ross Rants. I want to see Moon Gaming evolve and I want The Movie to take shape. I want the QnAs to polish up. Hey I'd even go for more CP. Whatever happens I'm here for the long haul because I think Ross's content is worth staying for. If FM2 takes years, so be it! It'll be worth it. I'm sure he'll take a break every now and then for a different video, and over time those videos and ideas will stack up. The content will come. If you don't like FM as much, then stick around for the other videos - over time they'll come.
  4. I really enjoyed follow up #1 so I'm pumped for #2 and whatever bonus video awaits. I think they loop the series nicely.
  5. I came across Accursed Farms during what we call the "dark days" of that blasted M*******a channel. For those not aware, Ross was essentially stuck on episode 44 because of contractual issues with M*******a. The episode had just been released that day and I wasn't aware of FM prior so I thought "great! I've stumbled across a series half way through" and watched the episodes over a few days, only then finding out over time by YouTube comments that nothing else was coming out. Still, I waited patiently, lurked on YT comments and lurked on this site (only signed up when the final episode was released to offer my thanks, but lurked for years prior) and eventually Ross overcame the issues and we started up again. I was a huge fan of the HL series anyway and I merely stumbled across episode 44 by chance. Some people still find the videos now and post comments but thankfully they won't have to know the sheer length of time we had to wait for new episodes; in way it makes me proud that I/we all stuck by Ross and gave him the backing and the time to do whatever he needed to get them out. I thought the series was wonderful. I've kept up with all of Ross's work ever since and enjoyed probably 95-99% of everything released. I don't often managed to catch the live broadcasts but certainly a few; a crowning moment is in the first of the monthly fan chats, at one point Ross is reading comments and says "ah, somebody loves me"... yeah Hi Ross, that was me. I don't think a collaborative effort would work in this case; for starters the series is loooong in terms of time (I forget exactly but it's between 9 and 10 hours) so it'd have to be in scheduled sections and in terms of organising I just don't think it'd work. I could be wrong but I'd guess Ross would rather spend the time working on new stuff or doing more progressive fan chats rather than harking back to FM. The videos are up and you can freely watch the series whenever you want. I certainly recommend people watch it though, not only to refresh themselves before FM2 but mainly just because it's damn good and it's the reason 95% of us are here. One thing to remember is you've got all the FM1 episodes ready and on demand, whereas FM2 will take a long time yet again. No sense in rushing things or having a set time; just watch them whenever you get the chance and enjoy it. At the end of 2014 when the final episode came out, I re-watched the whole series over the course of the following week. It's one of those series where I can just watch it whatever the circumstances because the episodes are bitesize and easy to pick up/put down. I intend to watch it again soon as it's been a while, but it's the Game Dungeon that does it for me at the moment and I'm intending to re-watch those too.
  6. I'm happy with whatever videos we get. I've hugely enjoyed Game Dungeon and the intrigue of interesting and eclectic games I've never heard of, but I'm also stoked to see Freeman get to various points in FM2. Hypothetically, if you picked just one of these series to continue with and ditched the other, no matter which it was, I'd still be subbed and watching. The Movie seems so far away and I'm terrible at thinking long-long term, so for me it doesn't register, but I'm just a selfish consumer and appreciate the fact you have plans and goals. I hope GD and FM don't get pushed back but I'll be sticking around regardless. It's very rare a video comes out that I don't enjoy tbh (I can roughly count 3) FM2 is a gargantuan task though, so hats off for taking the plunge.
  7. I had the Half-Life Uplink demo that came out in 99; it was on a CD attached to some PC gaming magazine. There were loads of shareware games and demos bundled together on one disc. Do magazines still do that? I used to discover so many games that way. Anyway, I absolutely loved the demo and played it repeatedly, and got the full game soon after. I had a full on nostalgia squeal when Ross brought Uplink into Freeman's Mind, as I'd heard nothing else about it and thought it was some lost gem that only I'd heard of. After seeing it on FM I found out it'd been modded to run on Steam.
  8. I wanted to join, but it clashed with a friend's birthday and I had to go and do social things. The horror! Glad you guys had fun and I'll probably watch bits of the recording.
  9. Prior talk of UT99 and UT2004 reminded me of this (If posting .gifs isn't allowed, please accept my apologies)
  10. Ditto; take as long as you need. As an aside, I've learnt something new today! I had no idea what or when Groundhog Day is, so I've had to look it up. (Not a US citizen)
  11. I missed the live stream but prior to it I did download the game and have a little play through; it was fun for about half an hour but it didn't really grab my interest. The community on Steam, on reddit and the in game chat did seem a little out-there, but it is what it is. I've just skipped through some chunks of the broadcast and Ross didn't seem too fussed on the game either. UT2004 was mentioned a few times and I think that'll be the next game. I've played more of the original UT and I loved that game, but I do have UT2004 on my Steam list so I might brush up a bit and see if I can make the next live play session (though I usually miss them due to my own forgetfulness)
  12. Another super interesting game I wouldn't ever have heard of if it wasn't for RGD. Great episode Ross.
  13. Just caught up on the video chat. Ross, I think you should perhaps consider taking a break from these, even if it's just one month. I don't know if you were fried or frazzled from working on videos, but eh, in the last couple of video chats I've sensed frustration and tiredness. The chats are usually awesome and I don't want them to become a monthly "chore" that you get sick of and ditch. I know you do them as an update and a "thanks" to fans for sticking around, and that's nice, but no one would begrudge you a break. It also might help to refresh the questions a bit. Just a thought!
  14. I've been on the fence throughout the campaigns. It's hard to even declare a position where I live; you're immediately branded as a racist if you want to leave, or happy to usher in the United States of Europe if you want to remain. At the moment I'm teetering on the brink of voting to leave; I think the Eurozone will collapse within a generation regardless of the UK's position. From failing economies and bailouts to migration crises and terrorism, the whole thing to me has always seemed like a big mess. Remain campainers seem to think we'll lose all sorts of workers rights if we leave, which I don't believe as the unions and what's left of the lefty parties will always oppose removing them. They also claim that leaving the EU would kill our NHS due to the number of foreign workers in it; the NHS has been haemorrhaging money for the past decade and promises from both campaigns to pump money into it always seem hollow; this is always promised during general election campaigns and it never makes a blind bit of difference then, and won't now. I'm also not sold on voting remain because in my view it essentially tells the EU that we're willing to bend over and accept whatever they throw at us. We all know how poorly Cameron did during his "renegotiation" but yet still declared it a success; this trend would only continue, I feel. The Leave campaign constantly drags everything back to immigration, which isn't really an issue to me; I live in the countryside and aside from a few Polish agency workers, I wouldn't suggest immigration has affected us, certainly not like in the major cities. Another suggestion is that by "closing our borders" we'll somehow be completely safe from terrorism and ISIS will simply leave us alone... sure, as if we don't have enough of our own radicalised muslims, Britain First extremists and Irish car bombers in our recent history. Terrorism isn't just from a single threat and direction that we can shut the door on. Backing the Leave campaign is also seen as a "vote for Boris and Nigel" but I don't see it that way and no one should. The whole referendum has been beaten down to party politics and that's why so many people are undecided and disillusioned. I'm still open to change but I don't really believe in voting for the status quo just for the sake of it. Whilst I'm currently 51/49 in favour of leave, I think overall the referendum will be won by the Remain campaign by around 60/40. [EDIT] I decided to vote for remain, but I'm hugely shocked that leave managed to win. Uncertain times ahead, but let's just see where it takes us for now.
  15. Sweet, I'm downloading this. I prefer to rewatch the episodes on YouTube so Ross gets the viewcount, but there are times when I can't get online so this torrent will be a godsend. Thanks for this.
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