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How to make a machinima

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How do I make a machinima? I'm sure it's a noob question. But I won't apologize for being what I am! I'm here, i'm queer.. oh wait a minute.


Anyways, I'd like to start doing something similar to freemans mind pretty soon and I was wondering how do I exactly go about that? Could I just use fraps?


I'm a total novice to computers. I know it's a trend now lately for everyone to have some programming knowledge but I have zero programming knowledge. I barely know what data is. :lol:


So, I'm looking for someone to spell it out for me. I can point and click and I can follow directions. But I'm no where near intuitive when it comes to coding or programming. Do I need these to make a video similar to freemans mind?


Or would I be able to figure it out if I worked at it for a little bit? I am VERY intuitive when it comes to video games. But that's obviously not the same. Just wanted to make clear i'm not nor have ever been a technophobe. I'm just ignorant.

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Software - Fraps, Vegas (After effects if you have a mac (meaning I hate you very much)), A game to record...

Console commands - Impulse 200 (Bound key), Cl_drawhud 0, sk_plr_dmg_(weapon)_(value) (Bound key, this resets on loading)


Machinima tips:

Don't upload it to Machinima...

Assuming you use Garry's Mod for machinimas, use gm_construct for Chroma Keying (greenscreen) effects.

I'll post more later.

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Machinima tips:

Don't upload it to Machinima...


Why not? Ross himself said he wouldn't of gotten as much exposure without them. I wouldn't upload maybe your first few machinimas to machinima (or atleast upload them to your own youtube account/link them to these or another machinima forum and see the feedback), but I wouldn't rule out uploading to machinima.com if you've got talent and once you got alittle more experience.

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I think your answers are a little vague for someone novice to computers. He probably needs a breakdown of the machinima workflow.


First of all, you don't need any programming knowledge to do a mind series so you don't need to worry about that. You will probably need to give it an original name... Even more complex machinimas don't need coding. I did all the machinimas you see in my signature with 0 programming knowledge. I just needed the Source SDK and Gmod. A mind series is a good place to start since it requires minimal technical knowledge and time to produce. Only three software programs are needed: screen recording software (Fraps), audio recording and editing software (Audacity - free) and video editing software (Adobe Premiere - $, Sony Vegas - $ or Windows Movie Maker - free).


When recording the in game footage you will need to enter these console commands to obtain better quality video:

sv_cheats 1 - enables cheats

cl_drawhud 0 - makes the HUD go away

impulse 200 - makes the gun go away

cl_alyx_naked - just kidding


After recording your monologue, which can be before, during or after video recording, depending on your style, you need to edit the audio file, normalize the volume, remove breathing pauses, noise, etc.


When the audio and video are prepared, you bring them together into the video editor and sync them. Minimal video editing knowlegde is needed since you aren't going to cut your video. You can find plenty of software tutorials on the Internet.


That's the absolute minimum to get you started. Good luck!

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