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The Episode - who is doing what?

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Hay guys.


Let's know our heroes!


As far as i know currently more then one person are working on FM. So let's make here Hall of Fame with links to people's profiles.


Ross Scott - Head of FM and Video Editor

Otto Beumelburg - Audio Editor

Steven Gosling - Second Audio Editor

Colton Rappe - Intro


p.s. created this post because I don't wanna bother Ross with unneccesary email and don't really have a clue where can I find you guys

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I think the video editing aswell as the first auto editing is done by Ross. The second audioediting (audiofx, volumelevels, ...) used to be done by Otto Beumelburg (dont know if he still does it).


The last videos didn't have any credits at the end, so we can't really know who's working on the latest videos (besides Ross of course)

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In the early episodes did everything, now Otto does the vast majority of the sound editing. Colton Rappe added this effect I wanted on some of the intro flyby footage. Steven Gosling helped out with some minor stuff for the last episode since Otto was pretty busy at the time. I'll likely have someone new in future episodes for sound once the sound editing contest is finished.

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I'm glad that redistribution of workhours is applying here, in other words - if more people are helping out, you can concentrate on the core of FM - text, style, voice :)

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