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What about metaphysics in particular? I've never been a fan myself simply because of how philosophical, rather than mathmatical, it is. It's way easier to deal with math, at least at my age, than it is philosophy. Math is a wonderful thing, math is a really cool thing.

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OK, here is a metaphysical proposition on the issue of being and existence:


We all exist within a computer simulation run on hyper-computer, capable of parallel processing of interactions between each individual subatomic particle in real time. The c (speed of light) is then determined by the processing power of the machine. The scope of the simulation - maybe a hundred galaxies wide, maybe a thousand. The rest is a pre-programmed skybox.


We have no way of knowing if that true or not unless the builders of the machine provided a specific way for us to find out.


Could be a basis for a Sci-Fi novel... Possible ending:


Administrator: "Professor! Our Board of Trustees has been greatly impressed by your achievements! I have it on a good authority that the Supreme Leader himself is closely following your progress. The implications of your research for our defence industry are tremendous and they have put our Facility to the forefront of the Funding Committee's priority list."


Operator: "Ahh... about that cat..."


Administrator: "What cat?"


Operator: "Mr. Shroedinger's one..."


Professor: "That's nothing to worry about, we have made major strides since then. Major strides!"


Administrator, taking Professor by the elbow and walking with him to a quiet corner of the Ops Room, away from the Control Console: "But Professor, there is one matter... I trust you were not under, eh, false impression, that in our tough times, you know, with the economy in tatters and our neighbours behaving, let's say, erratically, you know... That we could afford to fund running of your simulation indefinitely? Good, I thought as much!"


Professor: ?!!! :shock:


Regards :-)

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...My brain hurts now...

\m/ (^_^) \m/

Rock on.




/ \ This is Bob. Copy and paste Bob and soon he will take over internetz!

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