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Let's see what you've been working on during your freetime, may it be W.I.P, finished, or still an idea. May it be a book, a drawing, a sculpture, movie, or whatever. As for me, mine's still a work in progress, the main thing that's stopping me is lack of Legos, mainly white Legos, and figuring out poseability (for feet). What am I making? I like to call it Operation: Lego Omnimon: wipomnimon.jpg


Picture was taken with my phone, so quality isn't all that great, and my reference is multiple pictures of Omnimon, like this one:10126409b.jpg


"We don't call them loot boxes", they're 'surprise mechanics'" - EA


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Very nice. Legos will always be cool, as will robots.


As for my projects, all I can remember are pony-related ones. I literally

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQUy_6xPnmU, and I'm working with a bunch of other guys on making a browser-based pony RTS (I'm merely a designer, the programming and art is far above me) which is still very much in early stages and progressing slowly.


I was actually trying to think of new projects to get started on. I think I'm going to get started on another Flash animation, as soon as I come up with a decent idea for one. All I've got right now is a love story based around a bungee jumper and the conversation between rain and rock salt about how the salt was expecting snow and gets all passive-aggressive at the rain.



"Anything I can do to help?"

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Legos? Better use clay ;P


I'm working on a short story which I plan to write soon. It's nothing special - just an another plot with some characters. But what I wanted to do was avoiding Mary Sue and common model of a story. Finally I got 9 main characters (Main hero and most important "NPC's") and double threaded story. I mean I got two main characters at different time and their story is linked somehow together.

I wanted to write something about sea so in the story appears sea pirates, ship, fights but also elements of steampunk, and little magic.

It is a fantasy story but very, very low fantasy, with more "human" like characters than magic and stuff.


One of the two plots is about...

a small trade ship which after a huge storm deviates from his track onto unknown part of the sea. After hours of searching captain finally finds the way back, but on the horizon appears a small island with a bunch of little sharp rocks and cliffes. At first he ignores it but then the crew noticed a huge column of smoke above the land which appeard short after they get closer. That convinced them all to sail there and take a look at it. Captain though it might be a call for a help so he ordered to stop the ship here until they come back.

When he, and some crew memmbers get off the llittle boat nobody was awaiting on the beach. The captain was a fine warrior as his crew mates, so without a fear (because he also though it might be a pirate trap) they went deeper on the island looking for the deserters.

There were no signs of humans. The only thing they found was a huge round place, sorrouned by cliffes, with a small lake in the middle, over which sculptured out of gray stone a monterious big snake. One of the crew member found between rocks a human statue perfectly sized and detailed.

They found out that it was a gorgone's hideout. The old witch with a power of turning people into a stone, and with snake hair could be watching them and tempted them to get in there. The captain ordered to quickly leave the island. Suddenly they heard a scream of a man. It was one of their man. Nobody saw how he got backstabbed. He was injured but still alive so they took him and quickly got back on their ship.

I'm not going to write more because I don't want to. All I can tell you, they didn't leave the island alone.. And they had to prepared for a fight after they arrived.


This is only an introduction.

And shit happens, I don't care about my poor lack of knowing grammar well. Too bad if you can't understand it Lololololololololololololol. Whatever, I'm going to write the whole story in my first language anyway.

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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