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  1. Didn't really like the episode, but it was at least a small departure from the normal Fluttershy episode.
  2. The Lego Movie 10/10 You heard me. Hilarious, incredible animation, very creative, gag a minute, emotional heart, and Will Ferrell's best work since Stranger than Fiction.
  3. Just realized I didn't post this here. I've got a webcomic I'm doing for a class. They were literally drawn in middle school and I'm just uploading and tracing them. They'll give you a chuckle at least. Here's a link rerouted through my professor's website. Follow if you've got a tumblr.
  4. I've heard his voice acting before on Robot Chicken, as well as the Weird Al show. This explains a lot of my (and Foal's) feelings.
  5. Might be my favorite episode of the season so far. EDIT: And let's not forget this madness
  6. Figuring out what the appropriate thing to do after literally not sleeping last night because of working on a game jam.
  7. I thought the episode was... lacking. For one, I wish they would ACTUALLY convert Discord. I mean, they did it well enough that he's not meglomaniacal, and I think it's fine that he wants to create chaos, but I wish he'd stop trying to actively tear relationships apart. A few good gags, and the song was fun, but that's about it. My least favorite of the season so far.
  8. Trust me CF, I freaked out like a freak when that happened. And that was before I made a name for myself in the community. And even I was a little shocked when I found out I haven't made anything for nearly a year. Most of it was because I was working on Anthology 3, so anytime I was like yeah! I'm gonna make a PMV! my brain went not until you finish those shorts, mister and it kind of demotivated me. Hopefully Some inspiration and motivation will come soon.
  9. So hey, been PC-less for the past few days. Just gonna post my thoughts on the latest episode real quick. Continue.
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