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What music do you listen to?

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For me, Gabriel-era Genesis is that un-yet-supassed pinnacle of music. Then everything revolves around it. Jethro Tull, King Crimson, VdGG, Yes, ELP then Canterbury scene, Arthur Brown, Traffic and we go into more psychedelic lands...


A couple of months ago I went to see the Musical Box, as they performed the "Selling England By The Pound" setlist - that was wonderful!


the music is pretty awesome but the vocals are super cringey so as to ruin it. Spock's Beard and The Flower Kings are a good example of that latter problem for me.

That, and the rest of the stuff is way too metal for me.


This is exactly how I feel about the modern stuff as well. Some, like Beardfish, Kaipa, I can get into, probably because I know they are not native English speakers, but take the Tangent - the vocals just break it for me, no matter how I try to get used to them.


Then there are the likes of Haken and Ayreon etc and they begin to sound interesting but then - oops, the bass shredding comes in and it's like, "c'mon, guys, are you taking the piss?" for me...


I liked the last few works from Big Big Train, though (starting from the Undefall Yard (the song) and on to the English Electric, with a couple of EPs in the middle).



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I don't like using the phrase "I'll listen to anything if it sounds good" because I feel like a lot of people don't really believe when people say that, so here's my spotify playlists to give an example.





Now for music I'm more likely to listen to, that has to be electronic. Mostly because electronic itself can mean so many different things. From instrumentals to lively music to chill music, I can find all that under the electronic genre. And due to how accessible the creation software is becoming these days there's more than enough new tracks coming out on a weekly basis to explore through so I never run out of content.


Other than that, I couldn't care less about the genre if the lyrics can make me stop and think. I love intelligent and well-written lyrics. Probably why I stick to only instrumental jazz and blues. I've heard more tacky lines about love and feeling down/blue come from that genre than any of the others combined. (especially "I love you" and "I'm so blue". god, too many songs use these as a crutch)


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