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Relaxing Music

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I thought I might post this for people who might want to find some. Doesn't matter what genre, anything you consider relaxing, post it here.




I'll also post this mix, I think it's pretty chill. Obviously, I wouldn't expect someone to listen to the whole thing in one day but it is nice.



Anyway, feel free to post whatever you feel relaxing.

Hi Friend.

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And the entire rest of the OST from this movie, or for that matter, anything made by Clint Mansell.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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Metallica, their Ballad-y songs. Michael Jackson, his ballad-y songs. pretty much any song with minimal percussion and less-than hostile lyrics. I also like Orchestra music, songs with a big chorus, or with a huge nostalgia factor. I actually listen to relaxing songs while playing violent games, I don't get pumped up by listening to violent music. for example I played Cod and listened to this song:




then this song:




And i found that the MJ one inspired more accuracy, strategy inducing, and overall i was less anxious to get a positive Kill/death ratio. the five finger death punch one was overall pretty distracting. It's kinda hard to explain why.

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Fable OST - Summer Fields




And I agree with Axeldeath, there's no better theme that Santa Monica Theme.

Of all I know, I think Massive Attack is pretty relaxing


- esspecially the Mezzazine album. The Moon Ost is perfect. You should try to take a look at some Clint Mansell's work. And Edward Shearmur's, like this:







And almost every "nature theme" from Gothic Saga games






And some random things:




There's the famous Millionare's Holiday on the same album, but I think this theme is better.



Two Evils - Silent Hill 4



Hitman 4 ost.



Dreamfall Soundtrack - The Hospital Room



ETsPVUtQ9ko - the best at the end ;P

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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The Red Alert 3 OST is very relaxing to me, but then again any good music, regardless of genre, is relaxing to me.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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One Night in Neo Kobe City - Snatcher OST



Old L.A. 2040 - Policenauts OST



Night Fall - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake OST


I don't like writer's block, I prefer to call it writer's parry.

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Here's a song I wrote almost 3 years ago. People have said they find it to be relaxing.


(The quality is pretty crappy due to my lack of recording equipment.)



I still consider it the best piece of music I've written.

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