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What is this movie about?

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(The Core! One of the stupidest movies ever made, and one of my favourites for that reason! XD)


A documentary on the creators of the original Tomb Raider games.



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The movie Gordon Freeman really wants to see after constantly going down in Black Mesa for an eternity.


The Matrix

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It's a movie about some park rangers who wander into a volcano and come out as melted zombies with super strength and terrorize the park visitors with pyroclastic cloud breath.


Kill Bill Vol. 1

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It's the first in a trilogy of movies about the aftermath of a terrorist's assassination of an Alternate Universe's President Clinton in 1994.


Yellow Submarine

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A star-crossed lover story set against the backdrop of the Video Game Crash of the early-to-mid-80s.


Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

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