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I haven't been, but I've seen a few of their concerts on TV. Seems like an awesome event to go to.

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I've been to one when it was organized in my country back in 2008. The orchestra may vary from country to country as it's more economical to just hire the local orchestra. The only traveling musicians are probably the hosts, the Blindfolded Pianist (if he's available), and possibly other famous ones if given the chance.


If you're interested in live music, by all means, go ahead. I don't recommend getting the front seats, however, because you won't be getting better sound there thanks to electronic amplification depending on your theater. And don't bother to buy the CD, you can find plenty of such music online.


It's worth the experience, though.

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I think the lead conductor: Tommy Tallarico (who is well known in Canada for his role on Reviews on the Run and Electric Playground) is Steven Tyler of Aerosmiths Cousin and well I havent been to VGL but would love to

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