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  1. This happened at PAX East on the weekend, too bad i was not around their booth at that time. AmyJGRXXKKk
  2. Jumped back into GTA SA-MP, game may be over 10 years old but people still play it and it is still good.
  3. Lastly, here are my first 95% custom source character models. They are Michael Jones and Gavino Free's Minecraft avatars (Banjo the bear and a creeper, respectively) having it out in front of a monolith. They are 95% custom because I used the ValveBiped skeleton to rig them, rather than reinvent the wheel, but I made the geometry myself. You'll notice that I actually deviated from the true Minecraft character proportions because I thought this looked better: . Looks like Ray(BrownMan) dropped a rose.
  4. Watching the Boston weather like a hawk, hoping that the storm does not move north anymore otherwise my flight tomorrow may be cancelled.
  5. Trying to focus on work while counting down to PAX East next week.
  6. Was a while ago wish i had time to write about it when it happened, but i had a dream i met kitty0706 not long before he passed and we had a awesome time.
  7. When Freeman finds his first pizza box he will get really happy, and then go on a hunt for some Doritos and a drink to go with that pizza.
  8. -Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens (not a bad little game if you are a RT Fan) -GTA V PS4 and i finally broke down and got Kerbel Space Program
  9. Any time when Freeman encounters a scientist, or when he met that crazy Security guard in the Lambda complex. Was even better in the later episodes where he flipped out on a Scientist or Security Guard.
  10. Having a hard time believing that 2 great Animators/Machinmators passed away in just over 1 week (Colin/kitty0706 and Monty Oum)
  11. This still baffles me to this day, back in 2012 i think right before Black Mesa was announced i had a dream that i was Gordon Freeman. I was in the Black Mesa facility doing what Gordon does. Well the very next night Black Mesa got announced, it is like i was physic or something. A lot of my other dreams are very real flashbacks to good childhood moments, or future events i plan to go to (sometimes i have dreams about being at a con before i go to one).
  12. Gosh i just watch this forum but never post here much, i gotta start posting more!.
  13. "Hey GET BACK HERE YOU BIG ORANGE FUCK!" Yea Ross you gotta get KrimsinYT to send you that voice bit.
  14. Seeing how close you are to Xen, do more FM episodes until you teleport. Would Freeman's see Xen?, or would he just wake up on the train to City 17?. Also why did Freeman not investigate the Ninja's body more, as some of them are females and telling by the death sounds they sounded female.
  15. Got tired of the wanted levels when trying to take planes, so i found about a bug that turns cops off. That is how i got that plane
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