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New series on Half-life Minds

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Hi guys. I've been watching Freeman´s mind for several years now.

i was just thinking, how about creating Calhoun´s mind? The guard who smacking the door in the first Freeman´s mind. --->(Blue shift)<---


I've just created my first episode of that. I am no professional youtuber and my English is a bit woggly. I will continue this serie so i can learn

the basics of talking shit for a couple of minutes in flawless English and editing/mixing sounds. Since Calhoun is not a scientist i don't need

the science stuff that Ross Scott is saying sometimes in Freeman.


when i have the knowledge, new microphone and basic talking stuff i will remake Calhoun´s mind to make it more professional.

Please tell me what you think and how it can get better.




Thank you for reading and perhaps giving advice

/ Zorgish

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Sorry guy, it's been done many times by other people. No offence, maybe you should Google your series name before you start making it. People may just think you copied IRAMightyPirate's Barney's Mind. I advise you to just think of a random game and check if anyone has already done a Mind Series on it. Blazkowicz's Mind hasn't been done yet, for example. Although they're girls and might be hard to voice, a Half-Life: Decay mind series may also be possible.

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I don't think ya'll should say he shouldn't do it. IRAMightyPirate doesn't own the rights to do Barney's Mind and tbh his early episodes are really weak and forced while taking jokes from Freeman's Mind. I say go ahead and continue.

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