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Top notch game with solid RTS gameplay, and innovative unit building(recruiting) system and solid story


Overlooked because:

Warcraft. Took the thunder by a mile, and as we all know dominated the RTS genre at the time, and they are very similar games.


It DID get a sequel, but the intertwining story of all four factions, and really examining the conflict from the perspective of those teams, really wasn't an idea explored until the CnC games. And even then, has all but disappeared.


Add to that, the fact that the units you got were upgradable, and really not the throwaway expendable robots from every other RTS, but real members of the team that mattered, and were immensely valuable, and you get a solid game.

So much so, that you can select a number of them to bring along to the next mission, as a band of brothers.


I haven't played it since I was a child, so it could just be the nostalgia goggles, but its one of those games that has stuck with me in my mind over the years. I think it really was outstanding, and just missed out on a ton of love just because of bad luck with warcrafts release.

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I bought a box with old games at a flea market years ago. It only contained different releases of War Wind and War Wind II! I guess I'll have to try it some day.

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