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Things you got recently

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Drycleaning it will be expensive as fuck as well. Here it can be $50

Now that you said it, I'm now afraid of the day I'm gonna wash it

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Another new guitar! Which needs some missing parts, but screw it, i've wanted a Les Paul for years

EDIT: Took a better shot than the 1st one.


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Ahhh, that's so beautiful AP! :D Nice score!


OT: I actually got something for once. XP A gorgeous suit to wear to my leaver's dinner for Grade 11 and 12. :) It looks and feels amazing.

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Replaced my old wireless mouse with the wired one. Cheap, costs around 9 dollars. Still functions better than the previous one and it has good enough shape and size for my hand

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I got my purse back after I lost it yesterday. XD Somehow slipped out of my bag whilst on the coach... thank goodness the bus company had it. I wasn't looking forward to having to disable my bank card.

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