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Corsairs: Conquest at Sea

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I love pirates. I love pirate stories. And most of all, i love the idea of going on adventures discovering new lands, fighting other ships and getting their treasure. I sort of hope that if humans ever colonize other star systems, life will be like a modern version of the Age of Sail. And when i was a wee sprout, this game was the most inmersive pirate experience ever (even though you play as a Corsair, not a pirate). Now the nostalgia googles might be blinding me a little, but for me this game was everything a game could hope to achieve.


At the start of the game you swore allegiance to a nation, and then embarked on some missions. The game had you controlling a single ship which grew into a fleet as time went on. Besides the mission your nation gave you, you could explore new towns and trade things like sugar with them, and in return you would get gold, which you could use to upgrade your nation's ports and to buy ships. You had various different types of ships, some were really fast but weak, so you would use them for scouting, others where better for trading, and others were titans with dozens of cannons that were manned by hundreds of crewmen. As you explored you'd find enemy ships and ports that you could attack with your cannons to sink and incapacitate them, respectively, or you could try to board them. When you boarded someone, you entered a top down perspective in which you commanded your crew to try and either kill the entire enemy force, or attempt to take the enemy captain's life, at which point the enemy would try to surrender, but you could kill them anyway if you wanted. After you won the enemy ship became yours to use in any way you wanted.


This game was a blast. I wish i still had it. If something like this was made nowadays i would definitely play it. But enough talk, have a video of the game itself:






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