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Videochat June 2016

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00:45 – suggestion to send video footage for Twitch chats

01:00 – Ross created two new channels (Dead Game News and Accursed Farms Junk)

01:28 – what Ross was and is working on

02:30 – status of e-mail replies

03:10 – next videochat will be July 3rd (1st Sunday)

03:25 – how the first Planetside 2 session went

04:20 – Twitch delay

04:43 and 01:32:20 – next Planetside 2 session will be on Saturday + thoughts on the previous one

06:31 – someone found addresses of about 80 middle managers from EA

07:47 – advice for people who are feeling suicidal

50:18 – suggestion to make videochat timestamps

59:53 – planned live Twitch playthrough of the last level of Supreme Commander on Hard without loading, and also the last level of Serious Sam Second Encounter without dying


Pre-submitted questions

10:07 – what artist would Ross choose for drawing his portrait (or capture him on other medium)

11:25 – favourite video by Grickle

11:50 – Deus Ex question

12:02 – which enemy from Serious Sam series is the most annoying

12:25 – will we still be able to contact Ross when he becomes a billionaire

13:11 – is Ross making a voice pack for X-COM 2

13:38 – do exclusives slow down game development

14:05 – why Ross doesn't like turn-based combat

15:11 – is Ross afraid that he won't be able to enjoy Half-Life 2 after doing Freeman's Mind 2

15:45 – is Eddie from Freeman's Mind based on someone

16:01 – how much money youtubers get from one single view

16:35 – will Ross do something for the Talk Like a Pirate Day

17:15 – why Freeman's Mind was done in Half-Life Source instead of regular Half-Life

18:10 – was Ross ever apathetic, pessimistic or misanthropic

19:38 – does Ross have any superstitions

20:13 – did Ross use the Steam Controller

21:05 – will entertainment go down in quality because huge companies are taking over and they don't want to take any risks

22:41 – why Ross liked Diablo

23:44 – why Ross skipped a bunch of questions

25:17 – someone spotted a CarnEvil arcade machine

25:39 – opinion on Polish economy

26:43 – if Ross could go back in time a change something, what would it be

28:33 – worst job Ross ever had

31:24 – will Ross try to get obscure old hardware to make videos about games made for them

32:45 – what exactly Ross wants from the mouse of his dreams

33:47 – in the comment section of the Helious episode Ross mentioned two Game Dungeon episodes that may put him on the No Fly List, is Ross still planning to make them

34:30 – how Ross rendered the intros for Freeman's Mind

35:22 – how Ross learned to edit and did he have any professional education

36:21 – is Ross aware about anyone who beat Helious 2

36:43 – did Ross and his girlfriend planned to move to UK

37:17 – thoughts on Jim Sterling and the Digital Homicide debacle

38:25 – did Ross cover everything he wanted in the Oil's Well episode

40:14 – which of his videos Ross considers the best

40:59 – does Ross have any favourite YouTubers

42:07 – the most complex and deep game that Ross played

43:07 – which game Ross actually learned something from

45:28 – does Ross use project management software

45:48 – should someone set up an Accursed Farms Facebook account


Live chat questions

46:40 – when will we hear Craig Mengel again

47:08 – will Ross review fan-based games

47:40 – how does Ross keep his teeth so white

48:10 – opinion on locking cosmetics behind merchandise (skins etc)

48:58 – opinion on locking in-game skin behind real-life plush toys (?)

49:20 – does Ross enjoy answering fan questions

50:13 – opinion on Sunless Sea

50:53 – what books influenced Ross's style

51:37 – questions asked for the sake of asking questions

52:10 – when the next Game Dungeon Follow-up video comes out

53:01 – is Ross a fan of time travel + opinion on Primer

54:01 – other YouTube channels similar to Accursed Farms

56:55 – will Ross take assistance for his spin-off channels

57:50 – Accursed Farms website development

58:17 – would Ross agree to fly to Mars if Elon Musk offered him tickets

58:45 – setting up a progress chart for The Movie akin to that was done for The Tunnel

59:44 – how good Ross is in real strategy games

01:01:11 – had Ross played and will he do something on it

01:01:58 – is there a genre that Ross can't stand

01:02:47 – is or was Ross recognized in the street

01:03:02 – opinion on Metal Gear Pachinko

01:03:24 – does Ross need any help in creating subtitles for his existing videos

01:04:04 – this stream is being aired on the Planetside website

01:04:47 – had Ross ever denied basic hygiene and sleep to work on his videos

01:05:46 – would Ross record an mp3 with requested text

01:06:17 – Paragon or Renegade?

01:06:52 – thoughts on grand strategy games by Paradox

01:07:28 – does Ross consider reviewing old console games reviews

01:10:14 – is there a codename for The Movie

01:10:41 – Ross's e-mails

01:11:23 – TSW graffiti mentioned in The Secret World episode

01:11:43 – opinion on ambiance music

01:12:03 – opinion on Gordon's Mind

01:13:00 – the most philosophical meaningful game

01:14:14 – best and worst games

01:14:28 – opinion on Mass Effect 3 ending

01:15:34 – opinion on music by Kelly Bailey

01:16:04 – will Ross merge Freeman's Mind and Civil Protection universes

01:16:19 – Ghostbusters trailer

01:16:26 – James Rolfe didn't review the new Ghostbusters movie

01:17:34 – Dragon Age vs Neverwinter Nights

01:18:27 – question that would terrify Ross's girlfriend (about a certain animal)

01:18:52 – what did Ross do after high school

01:21:14 – is Ross in touch with Total Biscuit

01:22:04 – did Ross see any Star Wars movies produced since 1999

01:22:12 – did Ross see RedLetterMedia reviews of Star Wars movies

01:23:45 – games that fail at gameplay but succeed in other areas such as storytelling, character and world building etc, e.g. Planescape: Torment and some survival horrors

01:25:31 – movies that go too fast, like they are rushing their storylines; how to avoid it

01:28:08 – how would Ross build a story for a game with concepts of multiverse and paradoxes

01:28:33 – does canon turn Ross away from spin-offs

01:31:30 – opinion on Star Trek: Voyager

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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^ I know some of us of said similar things before, but you a Saint ScumCoder. I just felt I should express my thanks for all the effort you put into these timestamps.

When close friends speak ill of close friends

they pass their abuse from ear to ear

in dying whispers -

even now, when prayers are no longer prayed.

What sounds like violent coughing

turns out to be laughter.

Shuntarō Tanikawa

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