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Quick Update + Planetside 2 Reminder

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This is just an update to remind people the Planetside 2 play session is on the 18th at 2pm EST. Assuming nothing melts down, it will be on the Emerald server and you can follow along on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.


In other news, I've filmed the next Ross Rants (3.5 hours of shooting that need to be edited down), but still need to process everything. As much as I'd like to have it be done this weekend, it will probably be until at least Monday due to all the editing involved. I will say I get a little more worked up in this one than previous ones. After that's done, I'll get started on the next Game Dungeon.



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If the play session starts at 2pm EST there's no way I'll be able to make it. I wish everyone else a fun play session.

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Yay! I can make it before I have to get ready and head to church! (starts at noon MST)

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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