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Independent games/mods worth playing

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Hi all


I want you to tell me which independent/alternative game or mod you played is fun and worth it. 'Why independent only, you hipster!' you ask? Because AAA games have enough publicity through marketing, and games I ask for are often obscure and easy to overlook.


So, couple of rules:

- only titles worth playing, for whatever reason

- brief description, no walls of text please


Let me start what with:

- Mark of the Ninja - 2d stealth platformer, multiple ways to deal with levels (inlcuding 'noone ever saw me' approach), totally nails down being a ninja

- Dex- like DeusEx, but 2d and short. Cyberpunk platformer/rpg combo

- Thief Hd - cult classic stealth game with widescreen support and better textures

- Pillars of Eternity - isometric RPG with good class system and story

- Swapper - logic game with above-average difficulty where you clone yourself on spaceship to beat rooms

- Grim Dawn - aRPG from Titan Quest creator where you beat human possesing spirits. And Cth'ulhu

- Never Alone - platformer about little Eskimo(?) girl moving through fairy tale with great atmosphere

- Gemini Rue - pixel-art point-and-click adventure science-fiction-noir game

- Limbo - short, but very climatic dark platformer

- Machinarium - point-and-click adventure game with great puzzles and likeable robot as protaginist

- Puzzle Agent - puzzle/point-and-click adventure game, found it thanks to Ross's Game Dungeon


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Although Pillars of Eternity was funded by kickstarter I would hardly call it an indie game. It was made by big devs and publishers, so not sure why its on the list... The game itself ofc was awesome, don't get me wrong!

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Iji. Just Iji.

It's a 2D-platformer\shooter with RPG elements, where aliens invade Earth, and you're playing as a young woman named... well, Iji, who got one of their guns and goes to stop them.

This is a VERY GOOD indie game. It was made almost entirely by one person, has a good gameplay, has kickass music, the graphics and animation are very great, despite being a pixel-art, and the story is pretty good, too. And you can play in different styles, so you can reach the conclusion in different ways. And don't get me started on secrets

There are a couple of cons, though. Some parts, most notably in the latter levels, are notoriously hard, especially on higher difficulty, and another thing is that in the latter parts of the game, especially on the final boss, if your computer is not beefy enough, you WILL experience slowdowns. But they don't do a major impact on you being able to play the game, so...


Anyway, I do recommend this game to... well, everyone. By the way, it's free. Here is a download link: http://www.remar.se/daniel/iji.php

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I personally found Iji to be frustrating as hell to get into because the gameplay was so unfamiliar and strange to me. I couldn't get the hang of it and the tutorial prompts weren't helpful at all. After getting slaughtered over and over again I shut off the game, deleted the it's folder and haven't looked at it since. Overall I had a terrible experience with Iji and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone until the tutorial gets a massive revamp. All of Iji's mechanics are so poorly explained I can't see anyone playing Iji without winding up getting frustrated and breaking something as that's how I felt playing it.

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Mari0 - Super Mario Bros + Portal. Nuff said


AVALANCHE - Fan made FF7 game. Dungeon crawler sequel where you play as Tifa.


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Undertale - A game that singlehandedly changed my perception on gaming, what games can be and how games can impact us on a spiritual level. I'm not even kidding, this game WILL change you if you allow it to.

1000+ Undertale has changed my perception for the better and made me consider ideas that I wouldn't have explored otherwise. It made me think as to what I get out of my gaming experience.

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Oxenfree: Whilst not exactly the most obscure indie title to be gleaned from the crop of 2016, I really enjoyed this game. Stylistically and aesthetically unique, Oxenfree is a sort of peculiarly platformer-esque third-person walking simulator didn't look or play like anything else I'm aware this year. Add a great but intimately modest cast of characters, dollops of artfully played ambiguity and an intriguingly open-ended narrative that kept me wanting to know more without feeling unresolved or needlessly vague. Short but sweet, with plenty of replayability due to the game's core themes and premise.

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