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Terrence Mckenna had a speech many moons ago I feel is quite relevent to our internet age, whilst I love his line on the subject I actually don't want to spoil his punchline.


So here's the link:




I reckon he's on the money really, not enough people out there to call out silly ideas. What do you guys think?

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Honestly can't find anything wrong with what he said in that video, parallels much of what I've been saying for years.


Unfortunately he also said time would end in 2012, so... Yeah.

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Ha, ha! He also said not to believe what anyone said, including himself, had a theory that human consciousness had evolved from our ancestors eating magic mushrooms and was a strong proponent of shamanistic practice and the responsible use of psychedelic substances for the broadening of experience and understanding.


Very interesting guy with a lot of fun thoughts but not on the money in every case, for sure.

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