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Questions for December Video Chat

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Ross, what do you think of the news on Microsoft's VR device so far? The lower spec requirements, cheaper price, potential wireless functionality, and bringing third-party manufacturers on board all seem conducive towards getting more people to purchase VR. Do you think an increased user population will lead to more of what you want to see from VR with regards to backwards compatibility with old 3D games? Or do you expect more of the same VR-only exclusives? The headset does require Windows 10, so I'm not sure what to expect from it in terms of functionality with pre-win10 games.

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The question wasn't about how far the process have come percentage-wise, but how much of the making that he predicted to be spent in-engine vs. post production tools. Sorry if it came out in an unclear way. Thanks for answering as well.


Whoops, my mistake. Sorry for misunderstanding. I've passed the question along to Ross.

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Ross, since there is Christmas coming (well, for us it's New Year, and I don't know what Polish people celebrate there), I wanted to ask you: are you familiar with the story about How Grinch Stole Christmas?


Also, I know you said in Carnevil that you dislike the concept of Christmas in Halloween-themed media, but I'd like to ask for clarification: do you dislike the concept of mixing Christmas with Halloween, or mixing Christmas with horror in general?

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As I'm going to be busy and can't make it to the December Video Chat (overtime at work! Augh!), I am going to be cutting the questions submitted to this thread at TheTron852's post. Any questions submitted after TheTron852 above will unfortunately not make it to the December Video Chat, unless you use the Reddit post mentioned elsewhere.



Thank you and I hope you all have a fun stream!

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