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Your Favorite Musician(s)

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Title says all. Can be any composer, lyricist, singer, instrumentalist...


My all-time favorite is Phil Ochs, a troubadour who found his calling at anti-war rallies in the 60's. His early work initially attracted me and my bleeding heart with his earnest idealism and meaningful lyrics, and I became hooked when his 1966-1970 work touched my soul in ways no other work of art had before or has since. I firmly believe that he was one of the greatest poets/lyricists of the 20th century, and the greatest to come out of the Greenwich folk scene, even going beyond Bob Dylan (who mostly just dealt in images instead of in-depth feeling).


I recognize, of course, that not everyone likes him as much as I do. I think that for most people, a favorite artist of any kind is determined by how deeply the art gets in touch with the observer. Phil was often noted as being one to write rather complex lyrics that are hard to understand, but I find the lyrics capture many of my own feelings almost perfectly when I read into them.





Live at Carnegie Hall, 1970; written in 1966 about a lonesome and desperate sailor at port.





Live at the PNE Garden Auditorium, 1969; written in 1966 about his separation from his wife, popular among fans.





1967; an upbeat Dixieland jazz tune with sardonically dark lyrics about a whore... though I may be wrong about that in the same way I misinterpreted "Ten Cents A Dance" (Lorenz Hart, 1930).





1964; His bread and butter, rallies marchers and activists.





1968; A 13-minute epic about a journey through a cold Roman hell. Almost on par with "The Crucifixion" as his magnum opus.


I'm interested to hear who your favorite musicians are. If you have trouble picking between a few, and see this question as you might see "pick your favorite child", pick a few.

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Nobuo Uematsu. I'm just going to let his music do the talking:






















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Nobuo Uematsu. I'm just going to let his music do the talking.

Nice! Uematsu's compositions were always a big part of what made Final Fantasy for me.

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Jimmy Page




Josh Homme




Michel Gira




Trent Reznor




Mark Sandman




Akira Yamaoka




Grzegorz Ciechowski




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Stephan Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk, Total Transformation, Fairlight Children)

Ronan Harris (VNV Nation)

Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Delerium etc.)

Rob Swire (Pendulum, Knife Party)



Stefan Poiss (THYX, mind.in.a.box)

Stock, Aitken, Waterman

Michael Cretu (Cretu, Sandra, Enigma)

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gonna crucify u, Peter Gabriel all the way ;p

(jk I love both)

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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I'm cool with both Peter and Phil when it comes to Genesis. Solo-wise, I'm gonna have to lean more on Phil.

That aside, here are my other favorite musicians (that i can think of at the top of my head at the moment):


Rick Wakeman (godlike keyboard/piano skills, very funny and down to earth man)

Brian May (love his guitar sound, and the fact he made his own guitar is an inspiration to me)

James Hetfield (nothing screams badass more than this man, especially during Metallica's peak in the 80's-90's)

John Entwistle and Cliff Burton (i wouldn't have taken bass seriously if it wasn't for them)

Steve Howe (best way I can describe his playing are meticulous and intricate.)

Tony Iommi (The Riff Lord. 'nuff said)

Welp, now what?

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