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Accursed Farms Videochat October 2018

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Hi Ross, I'm about to finish my bachelor's of science in Audio Engineering (so I do have some knowledge of this sort of audio issue 😉). I think a product you could definitely use is a mic gobo (go between) and it's essentially a partial circle of acoustic foam that you can mount on a mic stand. It prevents sound reflections from hitting the mic from the rear and absorbs sound spoken into the mic. Using one of these instead of proper acoustic treatment isn't recommended but will certainly make a huge difference if you're not already using one. Monoprice sells a pretty good one for $70 US but you could also build one yourself for not much money at all ($10-40 US). If you choose to go the DIY route I'd certainly recommend using real 2" acoustic foam rather than any other cheap foam solutions. Note that this also won't act any any sort of soundproofing worth a damn, but it does absorb a good bit of sound and combined with the other solutions you're already working on could make a good difference. Here's the thing on monoprice. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=602650&gclid=CjwKCAjwmdDeBRA8EiwAXlarFqSljNjX-byIwdXm3wYkAKxmIPD-YweeGTX78_rxga2kuQsq-izz7RoCbJcQAvD_BwE 

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Hey Ross,

Glad to hear you're out of mold town.  After seeing you go through that whole situation, it prompted some fear in me since I live in Florida where mold is common following hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.

Have you considered collecting your used egg containers and pinning them to the walls for sound-dampening?  I know some other YouTubers, like LifeOfBoris, use them as a solution to sound propagation and acoustic problems in his apartment.  They are sort of like a poor-man's acoustic foam. 

Hope the new place is adequate for y'all.


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An alternative to egg cartons is the ultra-cheap sleeping bags. They dampen sound surprisingly well, but they're a lot heavier, and they have a lot more thermal insulation too.

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