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  1. BeechCraft118

    Videochat December 2018

    Ross, You mentioned Elon Musk's self-driving (electric) cars, and that you think the problem of automobile transportation has gotten a bit too large for them to be effective (1:53:26). What do you think is the problem, and why is it too massive? I have my own doubts about the future of self-driving cars as the infrastructure change necessary to make it a viable option is rather high even if you were to reduce roadway traffic volume through use of busses and carpool solutions to reduce traffic density. It comes to a point where the population and sheer traffic density makes self-driving cars seem like an economically and logistically infeasible option as a private or public transportation solution, or even a mass-transit solution in general. This might not be the case in other countries, but in the USA this seems especially problematic. What do you think about automating other forms of transportation? While we might not get total automobile automation, I think we could easily see fully-automated air and seafaring transportation where human crews are eliminated altogether, or at least reduced to a system analyst role. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this. Thanks, Samuel
  2. BeechCraft118

    Accursed Farms Videochat October 2018

    Hey Ross, Glad to hear you're out of mold town. After seeing you go through that whole situation, it prompted some fear in me since I live in Florida where mold is common following hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. Have you considered collecting your used egg containers and pinning them to the walls for sound-dampening? I know some other YouTubers, like LifeOfBoris, use them as a solution to sound propagation and acoustic problems in his apartment. They are sort of like a poor-man's acoustic foam. Hope the new place is adequate for y'all. -Jamie
  3. BeechCraft118

    Welcome to AF 2.0

    Hiya, I love the new website design. Thanks for all the work that undoubtedly went into recreating the site!
  4. BeechCraft118


    Nice new episode. Freeman was so sporadic in this one lol.
  5. BeechCraft118

    Freeman's Mind 2 Reactions

    I would honestly expect him to say something about the pods the martians came to Earth in-in "War of the Worlds." Good H.G.Wells moment there.

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