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A.I. created games and assets

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I just watched this video about A.I. creating 3D assets, landscape and even a game.

It's really interesting too see and I'm curious to see how this tech will evolve.



Imagine leaving your PC work over night and have a bunch of high quality 3D assets ready the next morning.

It would make creating a new world a lot easier. Even if the models you get doesn't work for the project you're working on it could be safe for later use.

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Would be nice to tell an AI what I want in a game, and 3 weeks later the game is finished for me with no other human input.

bi ti ʤi ˈbulzaɪ

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On 5/10/2019 at 2:05 AM, BTGBullseye said:

Would be nice to tell an AI what I want in a game, and 3 weeks later the game is finished for me with no other human input.

Most "AIs" right now are kinda fake though, it's mostly math algorithms, you just need to plug the right data into them, so it might be duable sooner than you think. We are far off from true sentient AI though. Or even real AI for that matter, right now it's mostly an illusion.


It works but, not because the systems are smart by any means, they just have the right amount of correct data, to give out okay results.

But yeah I think, this will become a thing pretty soon. It wouldn't really surprise me at all to be honest.


AMD has pretty much gone apeshit with their CPUs, at this point I expect 16 core CPUs to become mainstream, and GPUs honestly MELT through whatever encryption you throw at them. Computers are getting stupid fast right now, to the point where, they are pretty much killing passwords.


When optical computing, and when quantum computers take off, all encryption algorithms are pretty much worthless. God we really need to kill passwords before it's too late, it's such a broken system, it was already broken, and it'll get worse over time, as the security breaches get more severe.



Anyone who says that AI is going to turn against us, Terminator style, either doesn't understand how computers work, or, maybe people forgot that, computer programs are essentially just math. Lot's of math. I don't blame them for being scared, but, come on, a little math has never killed anyone... I hope.


Some wierdos in a lab, thaught a bunch of sand, and a bunch of rocks how to think.

Yeah I don't think the machines will take over any time soon, I've never heard of any cases where math literally killed people.







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