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I'm liking it so far. Reminds me of stuff like Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate and the like. Plotwise it's the opposite? Of Avernum and Underrail and Arx Fatalis. 

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About as far from GaaS as you can get. It's a free download for the complete singleplayer game and appears to even be open source.


Flare itself seems to be a custom engine for making ARPGs and so to show off the engine the developer(s?) have made a very by the numbers hack-and-slash experience. Story entirely consists of a few lines at the beginning and end of the game. Length is decent enough at about 6 hours depending on how completionist you are. Gameplay is pretty much like Diablo and every other "Diablo clone" on the market. The enemy model variety was a little low but there was some behavior changes on harder variants to keep it from becoming to too tedious and the difficulty progression felt pretty smooth on the whole.


To use the patented Accursed Farms rating system, I'd give it a hazy, maybe just edging into good. I had some fun with it and there's nothing I hated but it does feel very generic. It seems to be still getting regular updates though so it may blossom into a great game in the future.

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I agree with chlor, basically a Proof of Concept game, Diablo clone with less variaty, about 40 maps with teleporters every 2nd map.

I mostly liked it.

  • Thing is, Ross won't like it because it is one giant maze, even though the story is mostly linear (go from point A to point B on the map, but we won't tell you where point B is, you find it yourself) most maps are a spiraling maze.
  • The skill tree is pretty bare, and as a mage I found it annoying (though maybe understandable) that I can't fire none projectile spells from behind walls even with LoS.
  • There are elements but only fire increases in power with skill points, also beyond obvious fire is weak to water, water is weak to fire it is not obvious what other enemies are weak to or resistant to.
  • Once you leave an area all enemies respawn (including bosses) and most doors lock back.

That's it for now, enjoy the game.


Burn the World!

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Remember playing it one really long night. Made it to the last boss and dropped. Don't remember much else at all, but I think I had some really easy build and had no problems with anything but traps (and last boss and his endless minions). And that it was good, but repetitive. And that I was really tired of this enemy respawn BS.

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